Surprisingly Splendid Ways To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup This Holiday


Razzle, dazzle. It’s the only style objective you should be targeting this merriest of seasons. That goes for your outfit and your makeup. Since the eyes will surely sketch out an image for you, and is always the center of any makeup and styling technique, it’s also the best area on your face to showcase your glitz and glam.

There are a hundred ways to wear glitters on your eye makeup but these two will surely pomp up your rating as your social network’s top style star. Step into the party like nobody has ever seen you before:

Eye Glitter Style No. 1

Eye Glitter Style No1

This first glitter eye makeup technique will turn the heads even of complete strangers around. Follow these steps to get this look.

Step 1: Line your upper and lower eyelids with a chisel point liquid eyeliner. Instead of making the two lines meet, extend the both lines about half an inch from the outer corner of each eye, as you keep them parallel.

Step 2: Do the same technique with your other eye.

Step 3: Put on your glitters. Using your eyelash glue, line your top eyeliner. With a slim cosmetic stick, pick up your glitters and set on the glue. Press gently. Add more glitter from the inner to the outer corner of both eyes. Repeat the same technique to place glitter on your bottom eyelid.

Step 4: Don’t forget to set your false eyelashes for more dramatic eyes.

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Eye Glitter Style No. 2

Eye Glitter Style No. 2

This next glitter eye makeup technique requires you to do something you’ve probably never dared to do before. It will turn your ordinary eyelashes to extraordinaire.

Step 1: Get yourself bold, long false eyelashes. The longer your false eyelashes are, the larger the area of lash that you can work around with and stick on your glitters.

Step 2: Glue on your glitters. For this technique, you may either use an ordinary glitter or, the larger varieties shaped into stars or circles of hearts. Use your eyelash glue to stick on each piece on strategic points of your eyelashes. Use a tweezer to pickup the small pieces.

Step 3: Set your false eyelashes. Glue on your eyelashes now bearing the glitters, top and bottom as appropriate.

Step 4: Draw the rest of your eye makeup. Fill in your eyebrows and draw your cat’s eye.

Step 5: Put on more glitters around your eyes. Once you’re satisfied with your makeup, work on the outer corner of your eyes to the top of your cheekbones to incorporate more glitters. Ideally, you should use different sizes of glitters to create some variation like stars shining in the sky above.

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Use these two techniques to make you sparkle like a star without looking too teeny weeny.

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