Glitter Roots Hair Trend is Taking Over The Internet


Glitter roots hair is proving to be the magical new hair trend that is taking over the internet in particular instagram. Currently instagram has been flooded with a lot of pictures of women wearing scratch rainbow roots or hair contours. The glitter roots hair trend has led to some women appearing as though they have not taken a shower for over three weeks. This has been evidenced by the hairline of most of these women. Glitter roots trend has led to many mixed reactions from different fashion bloggers and celebrities. Many people are viewing this trend as a solution to appearance of the original color of the hair after dyeing. This has been backed up by introduction of a glitzy look into the hair roots. Other people are also arguing that this trend may not enhance beauty and instead it will lead to addition of more dandruff in the head.

The Latest Semi Ridiculous yet Applicable Hair Trend

The practicability of this trend has raised a significant question on whether it should be considered genuine just because it has been trending over the internet. To answer this question Karen Wiggins a new jersey-based hairstylist argues that the glitter hair roots trend is something she has observed emerge over the past years and now it is the right time to apply it. Application of this trend is being backed up experimentation done by pictures of most people in the social media platforms. Their main aim is to ensure that their hair gets the glittering effect. Studies show that there is a genuine practical component in the glitter roots. This has prompted most women to avoid going to the salon after dyeing their hair simply because their natural roots are still growing thus hiding the roots. Practical application of this trend has also been seen in women who are using a mixture of glitter and clear styling gel on the hair.

When you mention the term glitter roots trend most people get yet the idea that you are talking of the actual plant roots. No, this is not the case with this trend. In fact it is a ridiculous trend where by women are adding glitter onto their head scalps for fashion purposes. Glitter hair trend is emerging to be used in various forms such as fine and concentrated lines, tasteful sprinkling, a metallic attack and also a load of sparkles. These forms have proved to be essential in improving the beauty of most women who wish to remain pretty despite not visiting a hairdresser over a long period of time. In addition, the glitter roots trend has been identified as the best for holidays, beauty contests and even going out for dates. The many photographs uploaded in social media such as instagram and twitter can back up this claim to be true. To get this glittering look just apply any gel then spread any kind of glitter around the root area of the hair.

Glitter roots trend has prompted to various aspects in women. These aspects include the popping out of dazzling root hairs, addition of glitter to the hair edges to obtain a chic-like look and also the wearing of space buns by women to achieve beautiful flakes that stand out.

Despite the benefits being brought forward about the glitter roots hair there seems to be various disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that the glitter roots harbor dandruffs that seem to be having effects on ones hair in terms of appearance. The trend also seems to be promoting unhygienic conditions. This is evident in most women who are failing to visit salons because they use glitter roots hair to hide the roots. As a result more dirt accumulates within the hair roots due to individuals taking long to visit hairdressers to have their hair done.

Glitter Style Hair


Individuals who are against the glitter roots hair argue that there are other micro hair trends that are more practicable. These trends include the bean sprout hair pins in China, opal hair, fire hair, heart hair and hair tapestries. For example the bean sprout hair pin is considered to be fresh due to its green bean- like sprouting from an individual’s head. In addition to being fresh this trend is also unisex thus applicable to everyone.


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