Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum Reviews- Should You Trust This Product?

By - Updated May 30, 2021
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Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum Overview

Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum brings mild exfoliation to the skin and improves the skin’s texture and appearance. This serum is formulated with glycolic acid that gently removes dead skin cells and salicylic acid that removes debris from skin pores to prevent acne formation. This renewing serum will give you a better skin and even skin tone with just a few uses.

This serum can be directly purchased from their website at $46 for every 30ml. This product can also be availed at their authorized retailers. Let this Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum review guide and help you decide if this product is for you.

About Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum – Does It Really Work?

Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum Review

Delivering a healthy and beautiful skin is Glo Therapeutics goal. Their skin care and cosmetic products aim to transform your skin from dull to youthful in a short time. They carefully research their propriety blends to make sure that it is safe, effective, and can be reasonably priced so that everyone can get their hands on it.

Using Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum will bring out the best in your skin. Here are the things you may expect from using this renewing serum:

  • Clear skin and prevent acne from going back.
  • Gently lighten the skin complexion and reveals the younger and healthier skin beneath it.

What Are The Ingredients In Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum

Careful preparation and selection of Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum ingredients are made by the quality control team to ensure the safety of this serum. Below are some of the key ingredients of this serum:

  • Glycolic Acid: This acid acts as a gentle exfoliant that removes the dead skin layer to stimulate cell growth and repair. This also increases the rate of cellular resurfacing.
  • Salicylic Acid: This acid effectively removes dirt, oil, and other debris inside the skin pores to help prevent buildup and blockage. This helps deal with acne and prevent it from reoccurring.

Directions To Use

This Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum can be used up to 7 times a week. However, Glo Therapeutics advises starting with twice weekly usage and gradually increasing the frequency as you develop tolerance from it. After cleansing and toning the face at night, apply a small amount of this serum on the face and evenly massage it for a few minutes until the renewing serum is absorbed. Let it rest for thirty minutes before applying your favorite moisturizing cream.


  • According to reviews, using this serum religiously will help brighten and even skin complexion.
  • This serum also helps in dealing and treating acne.
  • This mild exfoliating serum gradually improves the skin texture and bring back a youthful glow.
  • This serum has a high price tag compared to most of its competitors.
  • Some user reviews point out that their skin was dried out after using this renewing serum.

Does Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum Have Any Side-Effects?

Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum side-effects can result from the acids it contains. Here are some of the side-effects you may expect from it:

  • Itch, redness, swelling, dryness, and flaking can result from too much exfoliation. If you are overly sensitive to glycolic acid, you may experience one or a combination of these symptoms.
  • Salicylic acid can also bring dryness to the skin and can even result in acne breakouts which is the opposite of the intended effect of this ingredient.

Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum Customer Reviews

Here are some Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum reviews from verified users online:

  • “I use this product on my entire face, neck, and décolleté. It smooths the fine lines under my eyes and gently turns the skin over. Because it contains a combination of exfoliants in a gentle percentage, you get the results without the downtime that you would experience if you did something similar in a dermatologists’ office.” DinaK – Gloskinbeauty
  • “Looking at good reviews, I purchased it. I never applied around eyes but it still caused burning in my eyes. Also, it didn’t show any good results on face, it rather worsened my acne. Might have worked for others but it did not suit my skin. Return is not free as this is a third party seller. I got this in an envelope which was not properly sealed. Normally such items arrive in boxes.” Puri Bhaji – Amazon

Final Verdict

Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum is a sensible product from Glo Therapeutics that promises great results. This serum can improve skin texture without the irritation of harsh exfoliants.

However, there are some reports from users that this serum led to some undesirable results. Also, this renewing is expensive at $46 for every 30ml bottle.

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Customer Reviews for Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum

Glo Therapeutics Renew Serum Reviews- Should You Trust This Product?
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