Good Hair Care in Cold Weather


With the onset of winter season almost everyone faces hair problems. Some may face severe hair problems while others may face minor hair problems. Winter begins and hair becomes dry, dull and lifeless. Splits starts becoming more prominent, messy and you feel shy to go for outing and parties with such hairs. You have to compulsorily bind your hairs and tight they as you cannot keep them open for prolong time.

These conditions occur due to fluctuation in weather that you provide warmness and hot conditions indoor and naturally cold conditions outside affects your hair texture. These warm and cold conditions lose moisture from the hairs and make them dull. The heating devices that are used indoors for protecting from cold temperature effects hairs and cause damage to it. A good humidifier can work well in overcoming this problem as it adds moisture to the air. The simple method that you can try is by keeping a bowl of water on your stove that will add steam in the air. This method is helpful in reducing dandruff formation as well.

The other effective methods that will help you to care your hairs in winter are as follows:

In winter, the cold wind and snow rainfall cause damage to hair texture. So for protecting your hair from the harsh cold weather you need to use some protecting means. Use scarf or hats before going out in winter that will cover your hairs. Do use tight hats and make sure that your wear scarf first before hats.

The best way to treat your split hairs

Splitting of hairs are caused due to extensive use of harsh and strong chemicals and brushing, heating and providing too much heating conditions like using dryers, curling iron etc. Heat damages the hair structure so avoid excess exposure to heating condition. Keep away from hot showers and prefer warm or cool water for washing hairs. These splits are also caused as they lose ceramides that is the essential cementing substance. This substance is essential in holding hair cells and helps in reducing splits and repairs the hair fibres. Therefore the best way to treat your hair in winter is by using shampoos that are rich in ceramides.

It is always better to prefer kitchen homemade remedies rather then harsh and strong products that do not guarantee for any type of side-effects. Therefore why not to go for natural things that provide with rewarding results. In winter you need to use good conditioner that softens, moistens, and makes it to glow.

Naturally prepared oil conditioner

Ingredients required: Rose floral water (250ml), 15 ml jojoba oil, vitamin E oil (9-10 drops).

Preparation: First mixture Rose floral water into jojoba oil and heat it to warm. Then blend the mixture well and add 9 to 10 drops of vitamin E. Blend the mixture well for 1 to 2 minutes and store it. Apply this home made conditioner to your warm wet hair and massage it gently. Let it remain on your hairs for some time while you are bathing and then rinse properly with warm water. After rinsing, wash with shampoo and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Clover Honey Conditioner

Use nearly half a cup of clover honey (pure form) on your hair and massage gently working it till the end of the hairs properly. Then cover your hairs properly with the help of plastic bag or plastic bathing cap can be used well. You can also wrap a clean towel on your hairs like turban and then let it keep for say 10-20 minutes. Then shampoo your hair and rinse it properly with cool water.

To avoid hair problems in winter, you need to take special care.


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