Gothic Lips Makeup Trend for Fall 2010


This year the designers have teamed up with the most valued and respected makeup artists in order to devote a special essence to each spot of our face. The Fall 2010 Gothic lips makeup trend is focused on highlighting our sensual as well as more feminine side along with a tint of mystery. Those who have been fascinated by the dark lips trend of the earlier seasons will find that these looks are delicious as well as appealing. Detailed below are some of the looks from the runway collections of Autumn/Winter 2010.

colored lipsGoth makeup
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Goth makeup is surely still in vogue. This is because it would give a chance to highlight the sensual lips with Vampy textures as well as shades. The definition and prominence of this spot can be enhanced when you choose the best shade that can bring out the best of your skin tone besides features. Fans of the dark myth and the ever popular Goth and Vampire fashion need to take a closer look at the Fall 2010 Gothic lips makeup trend in order to get loads of inspiration. It’s definitely not a must to stick to black. Rather, you may move on to a richer color palette that would include wine, raspberry besides ebony and similar shades. When these are paired with a casual nude makeup or a stylish Party makeup, they can make just the right impression on the spot.

During the Proenza Schouler Autumn/Winter 2010 RTW show, the line up of model looks were immortalized due to their dark and Goth queen makeup. The Charred Red besides the purple makeup for the blondes had created a highly profound as well as deep effect especially when it is paired with the nude makeup base. So those who would like their lips to be accentuated the most should apply some of the most stylish shades until they are able to find the one that suits their hair color and their complexion tone, the best. One of the additional tips given by the A-list makeup artist Diane Kendal, is applying the darkest lipstick shades to the middle and making it fade as you proceed to the corners. Basically, you can master your own way of perfecting the look for this rainy season.

perfecting the lookLipstick and gloss
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Fall is having a more neutral attitude towards the various makeup shades. This would include the magical and inspiring wild eyeliner makeup besides the complementary Gothic lips. Before you begin your stylish makeover, it is recommended to choose the spots that need to be accentuated this time. In case you decide upon the lips, ensure that you take a closer peek at the Missoni A/W 2010 RTW collection that will offer the best example to be followed this season. Black can really play up the beauty of fair skin besides pulling off an out-of-this-world classy appearance. And in order to keep the attention on your kissable lips, ensure that you keep your eyes and cheeks neat and flawless besides preferably bare. Lipstick and gloss can be used for an additional allure.

Dark as well as mesmerizing raspberry colored lips besides the versatile and pleasing eye makeup are the secret recipes of Christian Dior that helps to accentuate the beauty and the classy twist of her fashion creations. Models, having fabulous and vintage-inspired curls, besides the arched eyebrows would never be able to make the same drop-dead gorgeous impression, in case their lips were left bare as well as colorless. Instead it is the dark pouchy lips besides the Gothic-makeup inspired application that contribute to the classy as well as costume makeup vibe of the whole show. You may steal these looks and then combine with your favorite and matching tones in order to experiment with the dark lips trend. Routine would help to prepare you for the latest makeup trends especially when the new season happens to be just around the corners.


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