Gummy Smile Celebrities: List Of Celebrities Who Have Gummy Smile


People have all sorts of insecurities. Sometimes, it’s misplaced, and sometimes, there may be acceptable reasons to be self-conscious. In either case, however, it almost always depends on which angle you are viewing your insecurities from. Having the confidence to embrace all of your physical limitations and baring it all for everyone to see takes courage.

If You’ll Just Smile

So, do you think you got gummy smile? Don’ feel bad about it if you because even these A-List celebrities are born with gummy smiles and are either flaunting their pearly whites and seriously flashy gums or, getting them fixed:

1. Nicole Kidman

Gummy Smile Celebrities - Nicole Kidman

“I’m always happy to play the bad girl. I just get to have fun, and it’s obviously all done with a smile.” The very versatile, award-winning actress once said, smiling. She is one of the most identified gummy smile celebrities whom the world loves for the always classy air about her.

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2. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Gummy Smile Celebrities - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Husband and wife make 2 more celebrities with gummy smile. Jennifer once mindfully shared, “If you’ve lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frowns aren’t too bad.”

Know that a smile can completely change the way you feel about yourself. Isn’t that why even orthodontics has become more of an aesthetic solution for many now more than it is a health solution to better care for their teeth and gums? Just look at old and present day photos of Tom Cruise to see know exactly what we mean.

3. Gwen Stefani

Gummy Smile Celebrities - Gwen Stefani

One of music’s A-List, she has, no doubt, captured the world’s attention and her smile had a role to play in that. Did she or, didn’t she have anything done to fix her gummy smile? Problem is her motto, “Don’t speak”.

4. Victoria Beckham

Gummy Smile Celebrities - Victoria Beckham’s gummy smile

“I don’t want to be seen smiling, having fun, or eating.” She does always seems to be too formal and aloof but, not so much when she was still one of the well-loved Spice Girls. We dare say so, that Posh Spice didn’t always have the tight smile she’s wearing now.

5. Kate Beckinsale

Gummy Smile Celebrities - Kate Beckinsale

The whole world loved her on “Pearl Harbor”. These days, although she doesn’t smile a lot in “Underworld,” you can still notice those tight lips and cheeks.

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Just A Smile Away

What’s a gummy smile anyway? In fact, there is no consensus on the definition. For the sake of a functional understanding, however, experts say, most people are said to start noticing a gummy smile when the gums show more than 2 millimeters above the top of teeth. Gummy smile causes range from small teeth, gums that are too big, to shorter than normal upper lip. It always involves some disproportion in your lips, jaw, gums and teeth.

Treatment options that must have given gummy smile celebrities a chance to correct nature’s imperfections, and which you must consider too are listed below:

1. Botox

botox can help to treat gummy smile

Not too many people know that gummy smile no longer requires surgery, and that Botox only costs US $350. Based on a case report about a patient treated to correct gummy smile issues using Botox Type A, the procedure produced desired results without any observable side effects up to two weeks post operation. That makes Botox the most current and most inexpensive gummy smile treatment option available today.

2. Surgery

Painful and expensive, it does remain to be a treatment option. Available procedures allow you to choose to fix a gummy smile in many ways, including getting your gums trimmed or even your chin cropped to get that smile fixed.

3. Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment to treat gummy smile

This procedure works by creating a contour for your gums that make it better fit the broadness of your smile.

4. Implantation

When the teeth can be extended, an implant may be used to add length to your teeth, making the gums appear more proportional with your teeth size.

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The best, most inexpensive treatment that you can give yourself to improve your gummy smile is to become more confident wearing the smile you’ve been gifted with. It’s tough, we know but, you have to love what you got or, it doesn’t love you back at all. In most cases, these “imperfections” don’t need any fix. All it needs is your sweet, genuine, confident smile. In any case, if your gummy smile is wearing you down, know that you have options and you should take it.

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