Special Care for Healthy and Growing Hairs


Hairs are the utmost part of our beauty. Hairs crown our beauty and give an appreciable look to our personality and dignity. Special care should be taken to keep your hair healthy and nourished. Quite often when we neglect hair care we ought to face number of hairs problems. These hair problems should be considered and solved accordingly.

Just as your body needs healthy nutritious food and balanced diet to be healthy and fit, the same way your hairs too need special care to keep it healthy and glowing.

So following recipes for healthy hairs and experience the difference it makes:

Water: Water is essential portion of hair strand as it contributes nearly one-fourth of its weight. Water forms an important part of hair. It makes hair moist and suppler. So prefer drinking lots of fluids. It is not necessary that you should be thirsty. In that case it means that your body has already lost plenty of water then required and therefore it’s asking for more water. Water does not work just to hydrate body but it also makes hairs silky and shiny.

Protein: Proteins are the building blocks of hairs. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. So protein forms a major portion of the hair diet. Proteins provide strength and energy to hair and help in its growth. You can nourish your hair with protein that you can include in your diet. The protein rich diets include foods like meat, milk, cheese, fish and cereals.

Vitamins: Vitamins also forms one of the major portions of hair diet and contributes in its strength and growth. Different types of vitamin have different significance in hair development and building up.

Vitamin A makes the scalps strong enough to bear extreme conditions like stretching of hairs. Green vegetables and particularly carrot is good source of carrot.

Vitamin B and C play an important role in proper circulation of essential fluids, hair growth and hair color. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and bread are good source of these vitamins. These vitamins assure good and healthy hairs without splits.

Minerals: Various minerals are also important for healthy and strong hairs. Minerals like iron, zinc, and copper. Iron plays a significant role in circulating oxygen to all parts of the body and so to the hairs. If you experience deficiency of irons then your hairs may starve of oxygen and may become weak and dull. Diet containing red meat, dark green vegetables and iron supplements are good iron contents.

Zinc can provide a helping hand for hair loss, as it enhances production of proteins that prevent hair fall. Foods like meat food and seafood can serve best source of zinc.

Copper provides natural coloring to hairs. It functions in pigmentation of hairs and so gives natural color to it. Those who are lack copper in their diet experience a need of hair dye and fake color. Diet that includes fresh vegetables, nuts, meat, Shellfish, liver, and seeds all serve as good content of copper source.

These are significant essential diet for hairs that provides strength and support to hair. In order to keep good quality of hairs and practice different hairstyle you need to make your hair strong and healthy. The above recipe will help to keep your hairs healthy and give you dazzling look.


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