Hair Color Aficionados: Save your Hair with these 9 Tips


We are all striving to have that perfect shiny, flawless and healthy hair. Most people who dye their hair get negative results after sometime where there is loss of hair. There is a lot of heat that is used when dyeing the hair and this makes it lose moisture and it becomes hard to recover the original quality of the hair. There are several hair coloring ideas that are in use in the recent world. The following tips will help to get back the healthy hair that we are all striving to achieve.

Moisturize the hair

A healthy strand of hair is made up of three layers. The outer layer holds the cuticle and it suffers most after the application of hair dye. It is advisable to use natural oils for a few days before the dye process. This will help to strengthen the hair and will help one to attain the shiny effect after the dye process. One can either go for the high quality oil for treating the hair or for other cheap options that are available in the kitchen and an example is the extra virgin olive oil.

Trim the hair edges

Trim the hair edges

This may seem to be obvious but in most cases the hair feels and looks damaged because of the fuzzy and length ends. Trimming the hair will reduce the weight of the hair and this will give the scalp a break. One is able to see the results almost immediately. The natural oil will spread even on the remaining hair after trimming and this will bring back the essential shine.

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Quality hair treatment

It is important to determine the right and effective products on the hair and this will depend on the length, color, texture. The right hair treatment will also help to boost the repairing process to keep the dye of the hair looking fresh after application, it is advisable to shop for a hair dye that corresponds well with your type of hair. Most cosmetic organizations have come up with products that complement each type of hair and this includes the dry, thin hair that has dandruff. This includes conditioner, oils, hair sprays, oils and Shampoo.

Change the Hair Dye

Change the Hair Dye

Every time you dye the hair, you cause damage to it and this can be major or minor. It is important to choose a dye that works less aggressively when trying to achieve the final result. When one is striving to have a color that is lighter like platinum blonde or silver, it is important to follow the step by step approach. This allows the scalp and hair to adjust to the alterations. It is advisable to shop for products that do not have silicone dimethicone as one of its ingredients. This product attracts dirt and this increases the heaviness on the scalp causing more damage to the hair. It is important to go for professional hair color that will cause less damage to the hair.

Detangle in a Gentle Way

The dye destroys the healthy layering of the hair and this causes it to be dry and fuzzy. This can cause the tangling to be extreme. Use the proper product and take time to entangle the hair of any hair strands that are thatched. In cases where the hair is curly, one can try to entangle using the finger technique. This helps to locate any knots before brushing with a comb.

Keep the environment clean

The dust, smoke, particles and other contaminants will most likely end up in the hair. It is impossible to stay indoors and avoid going outdoors but one can purify the indoor environment using the air purifier. This will keep the hair clean and the body will also appreciate the clean air.

Rinse using cold water

It is advisable to rinse the hair using cooler water, as it helps to give the hair a natural shine by sealing in the moisture. The probable disadvantage other than the water might be uncomfortable for some people is that it flattens the hair.

Choose the right Hair Brush

Choose the right hair brush

The small changes when taking care of the hair will make a big difference. When choosing a hair brush, it is advisable to go for one that has a 50% boar bristles and 50% synthetic. The right hair brush will soften the hair in a natural way and spread the oils. It is important to try the hair brush on a small section of the hair beforehand as one can also use 100% boar bristles.

Give the hair a break

Drying, dyeing, curling, straightening, hair dye and styling products are all factors that contribute to the damage of the hair. It is advisable to give both the hair and the scalp a good break. Avoid the heat and go for a simple hairstyle that will allow the hair and scalp to rest and avoid the loss of hair. Leave the hair to dry naturally without wiping and always use a hat during summer.

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The products that one uses on the hair can either damage or strengthen the hair. Dye causes damage to the hair and therefore caution should be observed when one decides to dye the hair. The tips above will help to reduce damage to the hair and save the hair. It is also advisable to leave the hair and scalp to rest by going for a simple hairstyle. . It is important to use a professional hair color that will cause less damage to the hair.


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