Hair Color Ideas for Women: Cool Tricks to Get Hair Transformation


Want to spice up your look? Add up that missing zing to a perfect, new you. Women like you crave for that spanking appearance brought about by your hair. Some add up volume to their hair, cut them in different styles and length, and some would change their natural hair color to satisfy what they yearn for. Now, what remedy would you go for to achieve that striking beauty? Well, why not try changing your hair color? Transform yourself! Have your hair changed to red, blonde, brunette, or add a bit of highlights.

Hair Color Ideas for WomenHair Color Ideas

Secret Ingredient – “Chemical X”

Feel dumped when passing by in front of many people because of your hair colour? Do you hate wasting time trying to match your clothing with your hair? Try consulting a creative stylist to attain and have that “X” factor that is flattering to the shape of your face and skin tone. Some of the primary hair colors include blonde, brunette, red and black. Each of them exhibits different hues as well.

Total Hair-Do

Blonde, for example, shows the strength hidden deep within. Blonde comes in dark (close to platinum), light, golden, and dirty shades. These different shades compliment almost all skin tones, yet they are better with lighter skin tones than dark toned skin. When blonde hair color is matched with a dark toned skin, it can make the skin color stand out against the blonde hair color and vice versa.

blonde hair color ideasblonde hair color ideas 2012

Brunette gives a more versatile look for it matches all skin tones. It may either be dark brown, honey brown or caramel-like in shade. It comes with a selection of highlights or low lights. Light brunette shade gives clear appearance but not as bright as when you have a blonde color of hair. On the other hand, darker shades give a richer look and are rather mysterious. Take note that a darker shade of Brunette is not as dark as black color.

brunette hair color trends 2012brunette hair color trends

Red hair color may also come naturally. It exists mostly with races from the European continent – Irish, Jewish, Italian, French, etc. Red hair stands out the most and draws much greater attention than the other three natural hair colors. It gives you that tough and fierce character that will surely blow anyone in front of you away. Red hair color comes a lot better with long and medium length hair. When you have a short hair, it shows more of those irregular features of your face rather than showing those contours and curves.

Red hair colourRed hair colour 2012

Black hair color is the most common and existent hair color all over the world. Asians and other continents below the equator all have black hair. The color black gives a different twist on your personality and character. Coupled with long, shiny straight hair, it exudes a mysterious vibe that seems mischievous, as if planning to do unexpected things.

Black hair colourBlack hair colour 2012

Choose the perfect hair color that can greatly reflect your personality and character. Bring out a new side of you and give yourself unlimited opportunities to do more styling techniques.

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