Hair Color and Skin Tone: 5 Best Hair Colors According To Skin Tone


Apart from your face and your skin, it is your hair that speaks about your individuality. There is a trick in choosing the right shade of hair color that feels and looks natural and beautiful in you. It starts by matching your hair color with your skin tone. If you’re not sure, here’s how:

1. Pale Skin

Pale Skin Hair

If you’ve been blessed with skin white as snow like Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman, blonde hair will suit you but orangey, golden, light brown, coffee up to amber shades will give your skin an added touch of color to liven up your dull, pale skin. Highlights up to two shades lighter for darker base and up to two shades darker for lighter base also does wonders to your crown.

2. Dark Skin: Jet black hair works perfectly fine for ladies who have darker skin tones. To bring in a splash of color and to brighten their face, colored celebs such as Beyoncé and Rihanna have the dark browns and the deep blondes as their most flattering colors. To add a subtle notion of bright complexion, use these base hair shades with highlights up to two tones lighter. Of course, you’d argue that Rihanna looks great with auburn and bright red locks — she does — and, that’s more because of the daring attitude that she exudes.

Dark Skin Hair

3. Creamy Beige

Creamy Beige Hair

Kate Beckinsale has worn her hair from deep blonde to coffee and auburn. You can pull off the same hair color shades if you have the same complexion as she does. While you’re at it, wear it in wavy, highlighted strands too.

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4. Naturally Tanned

Naturally Tanned

Naturally golden brown skinned Hollywood A-listers, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, also happen to be two of the most stylish Latinas everybody loves to love and follow. Both were born with jet black hair but have the dark brown, toffee, chestnut and caramels shades as their most flattering hair colors. These colors brighten up the already warm skin tone they have. With lighter locks to frame their face their beautifully tanned skin shows better on the foreground.

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5. Yellowish and Golden Undertones: Those with a Chinese ancestry will normally have this skin tone but also several, naturally Caucasian women such as Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood. Those with Asian roots can away with shades anywhere from coffees and caramels, to dark brown and burgundy, to jet black hair, but never will a blonde hair be flattering. The opposite is the case for Caucasians with this skin tone. Blake’s and Carrie’s most flattering hair color is light blonde to deep blonde shades. The base skin complexion as well as the eye color are what make the most flattering shades to differ.


Turn your look from ordinary and normal to drop dead gorgeous simply by choosing the right color that fits your skin tone. Don’t forget to wear the attitude of the hair you’re sporting because it is your self-confidence that will eventually make you look good.

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