Hair Loss: Serious Matter of Concern


Almost everyone is facing with the hair problem. There are number of reason that causes hair problems. Hair fall is one of the major hair problems that are a matter of concern. There are number of products available in market that promises to reduce hair fall. But they can’t work upto the mark if you do not follow the right way to prevent them.

The best thing is to follow the preventive methods rather then to go for curative methods. Always try to root up the problem from its depth to avoid rebuilding of problems. Therefore go for the right track and best way to cope up with problems so that you never face them again. But hair problems are related to number of reasons. Hair fall may be due to dandruff formation as it uproots hair follicle, hormonal changes also causes hair fall and sometimes it is hereditary too.

Many times people think that baldness is hereditary is a genetically related problem and hence there is not curative options left to eradicate this problem. As hair fall problem is becoming a matter of serious concern, let us discuss more about this matter in detail. It has been studied that hair fall that leads to baldness is related to genetics and it follows generation after generation. It goes like according to genetic studies that if maternal grandfather of a male is bald then he is more likely to carry the genes of hair fall.

The science has developed the advance way to get rid of this problem that brought back smiles on number of men and women facing this problem. The science has made possible to rebuild the lost hairs. The preliminary thing is to take regular care of your hairs to avoid hair problems. The excess use of hair dyes, strong shampoos, too much heat exposure by using tools like dryers, curling irons and other tools that are used for shaping the hairs etc, makes the hair follicle weak and ultimately it leads to hair loss.

The studies regarding the hair fall matter advices to avoid excessive coloring of hairs at the limit not more then 5-8 times in weeks. This causes loss of pigmentation and leads to graying of hairs. The hairstyle that involves tight braiding of hairs also leads to hair fall. Other most important thing is proper supply of vitamins and proteins that are required to strengthen hairs are lacking in today’s diet.

A balanced diet that includes nutritious and healthy food also favors in reducing hair fall. Calcium is believed to strengthen hair follicle within the roots deep in the scalp. Therefore, include calcium rich food in your diet that will help to make hair follicle firm and strong so that to bear extreme weather conditions that will prevent further hair fall.

Certain type of sickness, prolong illness and consuming excess antibiotics also makes hair fall more prominent. Therefore it is important to keep yourself fit and healthy to avoid such conditions.

Keep your hairs and scalp clean by washing regularly especially for waxy and dandruff hairs and scalp. Use natural and good shampoo and conditioners that suits your hair scalp. Avoid split hairs by regular hair trimming that will keep help to keep away from split hair. It has also studied that frequent use of cap also causes hair loss, this may be due to production of sweat and salt that get accumulated in hair scalp making hair follicle weak and dull.

Those who are facing the condition called androgenic alopecia have no option to prevent hair fall. This condition is non-curable and can not be prevented. The advance technologies and surgeries with artificial means are now available for such conditions. The technologies like Proscar and Rogaine are proving to be more helpful in overcoming this case.

Therefore, it is essential to take regular care of hairs to avoid hair problems and do not neglect any minor problem related to hairs as these may give rise to a major problem in future.


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