9 Biggest Hair Mistakes To Avoid Which You Should Definitely Know


Hair is the epitome of beauty in a woman. It provides you with infinite styling capabilities ranging from hair colors, hair styles to haircuts among others. With the choices at your disposal, we sometimes tend to make the wrong ones. These decisions negatively impact on our hair causing damage. In addition, the resulting impacts can also be appearing older than you really are. Hair can also enhance your beauty or destroy it completely. Knowing how best way to deal with your hair in reference to styling it, wearing it and ensuring it is healthy all the time, you need to know the kind of mistakes that you make on a daily basis. You can then avoid or remedy the mistakes this year.

Hair Mistake #1- The Wrong Haircut

The Wrong Haircut

Having the wrong haircut is one of the biggest hair mistakes to avoid in 2017. This is because it not only makes you look and appear old, but it is also hard to fix especially if it was cut too short. Coupled with the wrong hair color, it becomes a tragedy that is quite embarrassing. You need to learn the possible hair mistakes that make you look older and how to fix them. For example: blunt haircuts accentuate your cheekbones, jawline and other areas of the face that lose suppleness as you gain in age. This makes you look double your usual age.

Hair Care Tips: Avoid blunt haircuts and opt for a smoother and softer haircut at all times. Soft haircuts bring out the color complexion of your face, supplementing and complementing it such that you appear younger and much more youthful.

Hair Mistake #2- Washing Hair Too Often

Washing Hair Too Often

Washing is one of the hair mistakes that end up helping you look and appear beautiful. Even though you feel dirty and need to wash that hair on a daily basis or twice a day if possible, this hair care routine is bound to be a mistake as it may affect your hair texture and feel causing it change. Washing your hair is definitely one of the ways on how to take care of hair. However, doing so daily is eliminates natural scalp oils causing excessive drying for the hair especially at the roots. This may result in brittleness and hair breakage.

Hair Care Tips: Washing is not wrong. However, you need to know hair mistakes that make you look older and how to avoid them. This is definitely those types of hair mistakes that you should avoid. However, skipping washing your hair every now and then preserves your natural scalp oils ensuring that the hair is protected.

Hair Mistake #3- Too-Blunt Bangs

Too-Blunt Bangs

Does short hair make you look older or younger? This is a question on many people’s minds. What about bangs, do bangs make you look older? Well, this is a simple and yet a complicated question to answer. However, it is apparent that bangs can make you appear older especially if they are too blunt. Bangs can also have the very opposite effect if worn in the right way and manner.

Hair Care Tips: If aiming to eliminate the lines on your forehead, you should instead opt for wispy and very light bangs. Avoid straight and across bangs that are thick and blunt. They will indeed make you look older and are definitely hair mistakes to avoid in 2017.

Hair Mistake #4- Dyeing Your Hair Too Dark

Dyeing Your Hair Too Dark

Dark hair colors and dyeing is one of the hair treatments that make you appear youthful. It is also used to hide aging signs such as grey hairs. However, if you end up overdoing it and coloring the hair too dark, you may end up appearing more aged than you are. Dyeing your hair is one of the common hair mistakes we commit on a daily basis.

Hair Care Tips: Instead of the dark colors, why not use hair highlights than are not only beautiful, they are also have a short and easy diy hair care routine.

Hair Mistake #5- Overusing Heat

Overusing Heat

Heat is definitely a bad recipe or ingredient in how to take care of hair and in the diy hair care routine. Heat damages by drying out your hair, depleting your natural skin oils in the scalp that nourish and moisturize the hair and increase brittleness.

Hair Care Tips: Moisturize the hair deeply after using excessive heat on your hair. Use conditioners and other moisturizing products on the hair.

Hair Mistake #6- Dirty Styling Tools

Dirty Styling Tools

Styling tools can be highly effective in learning the differenthair mistakes that make you look older and how to fix them. The tools are fool of dirt in form of excess hair oils, styling products and bacteria that has been growing over time. Dirty tools are some of the hair mistakes that age you and crimple your external appearance.

Hair Care Tips: Clean your hair styling tools on a regular basis weekly. This will ensure that your hair remains healthy, clean at all times. You can also use it as a hack to ensure that your summer or vacations go well this year.

Hair Mistake #7- Rough Towel Drying

Rough Towel Drying

Drying out your hair roughly causes the scalp to dry out. Some hair products are not to be applied on the scalp but require the hair a bit moisturized and not fully dried. This can cause the hair to appear damaged and dull which is one of the hair mistakes to avoid in 2017. There is a need to know the possible hair mistakes how to fix them and the designated hair mistakes to avoid this year.

Hair Mistake #8- Skipping Split End Trimming

 Skipping Split End Trimming

This weakens you hair especially at the ends. It makes the hair brittle and dries it out. The split ends make you look and appear older. Trims refreshes and rejuvenates you hair making it look and appear long and thick at all times.

Hair Mistake #9- Too Many Styling Products

Too Many Styling Products

Too many products in your hair are other hair mistakes to avoid like tying your hair all day limiting its breathing space. You may want to apply a moisturizer, shine and finally some hair spray. All these are in essential and end up overloading your hair. The plan can also backfire and end up damaging your hair.

Hair Care Tips: Use fewer products and apply in a minimal way. Your hair can take care of itself.

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