Hair Mists For The Best Smelling Hair Ever!


We have to admit, there is something sentimental and extraordinarily nostalgic about fragrances. There are certain scents that can make your memory rush back to those special occasions when you first experienced them. But still, fragrances can also bring bad memories.

You can get that best smelling hair using the right hair mists. Hair mists are just like perfumes but they have been especially designed with your hair in mind. Hair mists give you all the fragrance you want without weighing your hair down and in the process protect your hair. Here are some hair mists that can do great to your hair.

Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume

This is great for those who like sugary candy scents. You will really love this because it leaves you feeling so fresh. According to some people who have used it, the scent is not very long lasting. So if you are really impressed with this scent, you may need to layer it with the regular perfume.

Thierry Mugler Angel Hair Mist

This hair mist is very luxurious and very sensual. It is designed to be a lighter version of the Mugler’s perfumes and has the same smell. Its bottle might look small, but you just need a small quantity of this hair mist to have your hair smelling heavenly.

Taylor Swift Hair Mist

This hair mist is a perfect finishing touch after you style your hair, especially if you are a fan of Taylor Swift or her perfume. The perfume is light. It is a very feminine fresh scent because it is blended with florals. You can use it to make your hair smell fresh after gym o between washes. You can also lightly spray it on your belongings to give them that fruity smell.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist

This hair mist has been described as an explosion of flowers that has the power to make everything seem more positive. That’s sounds like something you would want to wear on Monday morning when you want everything to turn out positive.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her Hair Mist

They say that good things come in small quantities, and that description perfectly fits Narciso Rodriguez for Her Hair Mist. It is the lighter version of the velvety perfume and has a very soft and seductive scent. This hair mist is great when you want to add a special little touch to your hair routine.


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