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From colors, to haircuts and hair tattoos, now comes hair stenciling. It may not be the most extreme hair trend we’ve seen this year but, it’s definitely the newest hairstyle anybody can wear. Yup! Whether you have long or short, dark or light hair or, whether you are shy or extreme, hair stenciling will work wonders to your individuality.

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What is Hair Stenciling?

You’ve probably heard about hair tattooing before — they cut your hair to a certain style, almost like drawing on your hair. Hair stenciling is far from the permanent after-effect of hair tattoo. It, well, makes use of stencils to get an artwork onto your locks.

Hair stencils can get your ‘do done in an instant. Mind you, even the men are digging this trend. Be ready to rock the hottest concerts and hippest parties with your stencil and choose to completely take it off the following morning with a single wash. Yes, it’s that cool and it’s that easy.

Below are just three of the style-spirations in hair stenciling you either might want to try or channel some inspiration from:

  • Patterned dots: You can make it stars if you want: Fill the stencil in different colors that complement your hair dye. Pull it off with glitters and studs if you wish, and get ready to shine!
  • Geometric shapes: Get tribal inspired by wearing hard lines on your hair.
  • Flower power: You can’t get any girl-ier than this!

How to Stencil your Hair?

Hair stenciling is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need are the following:

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Follow the step-by-step process of hair stenciling below and you’ll be done in a minute up to an hour or more, depending on the design you’re putting on:

Step 1: Comb your hair into place. It’s a must to tame your hair and keep it flat. Use a light hold hairspray to straighten out your hair.

Step 2: Get your stencil on. If you’re stenciling your hair all by yourself, the sticker type of stencils will help keep the stencil into place while you’re coloring in.

Step 3: Use eye shadow and a brush or, colored spray cans to color in. Eye shadow gives you more control when applying intricate designs but, it you want minimum graphic in one or two colors then, you’re better off with a spray can.

Step 4: Party!

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