Hair: The Best Weapon to Fascinate Men


Women are the most beautiful creation of God. They are always given importance and pampered by men. But still women want more importance and attention. They want to look the most beautiful and unique than the other beautiful creations of God.

There are many ways to attract and fascinate men. Women always want to look beautiful and want to attract every one around. The best way to get noticed and look spectacular is your hair, which generally women forget and ignore. Women give more importance to their makeup their body their dress and everything else, but forget to notice hair.

Women tend to forget and ignore the most important part of their beauty. They try so many beauty products for their skin and so many different products to tone up their body. They spend a lot of money in making their skin glowing. And still fail to attain the complete beauty. This is because of not paying attention on their hair.

To attain complete beauty, it is very important to keep your hair healthy and lusty. Not only healthy and lusty it is also very important to have a good hairstyle that suits you. Your hairstyle can completely transform you and make great changes in your beauty. Beautiful hair enhances your beauty and also attracts people.

Today it has become very important to give a lot of attention to the outer beauty. Bad hair quality and shabby hairs may add a negative remark on your beauty. So it is very important to pay a lot of attention to your hair. Men like long beautiful, soft and hair with great fragrance. They easily fall in love with the women having long, lusty, beautiful cologne and well maintained hair with beautiful hair cuts.

The main points you should look upon and work on to make your hair look attractive are:-

* Get Rid of Dandruff

To get beautiful and healthy hair you must have dandruff free hair. The beat way to get rid of dandruff is coconut oil. You can also try coconut oil mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. This will also help in eradicating dandruff. Let it remain on your scalp for 20 to 25 minutes and wash it of with the help of shampoo.

* Make Your Hair Shiny and Lusty

After getting rid of dandruff it’s time to make them lusty and shiny. Healthy hair looks shiny and lusty. Coconut oil will help you again to make them lusty.
Take a mixture of coconut oil and mustard oil, put some curry leaves in it and keep it for more than 8 hours. Then boil the mixture and then add some camphor balls to it. Apply it to your scalp at night and risen it in the morning. Get lusty and shining hair.

* Get a Suitable Hair Cut

After making your hair dandruff free and lusty, now it’s time to give them a perfect shape that can help your look more gorgeous.


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