Hairspray Tricks To Rock Any Party


Now that hair sprays are back and totally rocking the hair trends this season and beyond, it’s a good idea to brush up on your hairspray know-how — well, if you’re not old enough to remember or to have witnessed how hairspray sold out like pancakes in the 80s, now is the best time ever to learn what it can do to give you great locks that hold and really last!

The Right Way To Use Hairspray

Just as you should know the styling tips, you must first get to know the tricks to properly using hair sprays so that you can make the most out of every spritz without sacrificing your hair’s health.

Below are five tips to follow every time you pick up that can of hairspray:

1. Hair sprays come in special formulations. There are hair sprays made for dry, color-treated and naturally frizzy hairs. There are also hair sprays that are specially formulated for people with oily scalps, sensitive hairs, and even for those who are allergic to fragrances. Make sure you are picking up the hairspray that’s appropriate for you. Better read the labels well before purchasing. Take advantage of new formulations that don’t stick your hair strands together and don’t leave flakes on your hair.

2. Know your personal objectives for using hairspray. There are different hair sprays that do wonders for specific types of styling purposes. For this, check if your hairspray promises either strong hold, medium hold, light hold and even ultra strong hold. More about this under styling with hairspray in the next section.

3. Check that your hairspray works out fine spritz. Mist your hair right by checking that the nozzle is working well and unclogged. If your hairspray is about to run out, better get a new can instead because finishing off to the bottom will only make hairspray spurt out clamps of the formulation that won’t at all do your hairdo any good.

4. Never spray right next to your hair. Press on the nozzle and mist hairspray from about 12 inches away from your hair.

5. Never over spray hairspray. Your hairstyle may hold up but your hair will look brittle and dry, and will lose that healthy look.

Never Over Spray Hairspray

Do Your do With Hairspray

1. Curl up in a pony or style up your hair in a bun. For a no-strand-misplaced look, spray a fine toothed comb with hairspray then run it section by section on your hair from roots to strands. Then, using the same fine toothed comb, pull up your hair in a pony or a bun. Find the level that flatters your face more. After you’re done, mist hairspray all over your fine toothed comb again and run it through the flat part of your crown. If you’re leaving the pulled up bottom half of your hair straight, do the same for that end.

If you’re pulling up with curls, take a small section and run through the strands with a fine toothed comb with hairspray. Use a curler with a diameter of your choice to coil your hair around. Let the section heat up for a few minutes then let go of your hair gently. Do the same, section by section, for the rest of your pulled up hair. Seal the style with a strong hold or firm hold hairspray for your flat crown. Use a light hold hairspray to keep your curls bouncy.

2. Get those Victoria’s Angel locks. While hair is slightly damp, divide your hair. Next, pull up your hair, leaving only a small section at the bottom. Working in thin segments, run a fine toothed comb misted with hairspray. Then tightly coil it around a hot curler with your chosen diameter. Leave it on just enough to heat the top side of your coiled hair. Once done, release hair gently. Repeat the same procedure segment by segment of your hair until you’ve curled all the way to the top of your crown. Let hair cool for a few minutes. Using a broad brush with soft bristles, gently brush through the curls. Hold the style but leave hair able to bounce by using a light hold hair spray. If you have naturally straight, silky and thin strand hair, however, apply liberally to add more firmness to hold that style longer.

Use hairspray for volume

3. Use hairspray for volume. Flip hair upside down. Use a medium hold spray on the tips of your hair strands then flip back. Use your fingertips to give your scalp a little massage and break clumped hair near the roots.

4. Braid and spritz. For braid that stays in place, mist a fine toothed comb with hairspray and run through each section before weaving it in. Do repeatedly until the entire braid is done. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

5. Drop and let loose. If you want to sport a sleek, straight, posh but let down look, simply take a fine toothed brush with hairspray on it. Run through your hair section by section to keep your hair straight and frizz free.


Hair can be such a challenging area of beautifying to do so don’t put your hairstyling to waste. Use a hairspray to hold your style and to fight the unpredictable weather too.


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