The Best Hairstyles According to Your Face Shape For a Stylish Look


Have you been seeking ways to slash 10 years off of your age? Don’t start ranting about your frustrations over that anti-wrinkle cream you bought for almost more than US$ 200 last month that didn’t make much difference on your skin. Before you seriously consider more drastic measures to bring back your youthful look, have you ever considered getting a hair makeover?

If years of giving yourself long soft curls have finally worn you down and even caused your hair to limp, perhaps it’s time you considered getting those bangs — this season’s hottest hairtrend! Okay, okay, so you’re afraid to experiment and for good reasons because those bangs will take some time to grow. Below are some guidelines on getting the bangs that match your face shape:

1. Round

Round Face Hairstyle

If you have a round face like Selena Gomez, bangs that touch your eyebrows will be a good fit for the shape of your face. If you want, and for convenience, you can ask your hairdresser to set the middle part of your bangs a little higher and the hair strands on both sides to touch the corners of your eyes. This gives your plump face an instant contour that makes your face look seem a little bit longer and slimmer.

2. Oval

When you have a long face with rounded edges, full bangs will fit you well. You can easily wear your bangs with a short hair cut to the underside of your ears or, you can choose to keep your locks long, even keep it curled if you want to and still rock your hair great. For a sultrier look, get the hair around your face layered to flattering lengths to give your face a nice frame.

3. Square

Square Face Hairstyle

If you have a square face like the beautiful, Keira Knightley, a straight hair with straight cut bangs may make your face look even squarer. Have your hairdresser give you thick, wavy side bangs, paired with soft, wavy curls all over. This hairstyle will soften the sharp, straight edges of your jaw and chin.

4. Diamond

If you have square jaws with rounded chin, side bangs worn with short hair will look very flattering for your skin. If you’re ready for a major hair change, this is the look you want to have. Otherwise, you can keep your hair straight and long and still get that side bangs on.

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5. Triangle

Triangle Face Hairstyle

A face like Scarlett Johansson’s can be easily complemented with bangs, however way you want it. This gorgeous actress has probably worn every possible hair — long, short, straight, permed — with bangs and she always ends up younger every time.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. If you want a hair makeover so badly but too afraid you might miss your sweet bangs spot, try searching for a hairstyle app on your smartphone to see exactly how you’d look after a much needed haircut.

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