6 Best Hairstyles of Selena Gomez for Every Face Shape


When choosing the best hairstyle that complements your face shape, having the right instinctual feel of what will look good can be tricky. Sure you want to try something different, but you might want to consider these tips on picking which hairstyle to get, so you won’t regret it later on.

In this article, we’ve listed 6 best hairstyles inspired by Hollywood actress and pop star, Selena Gomez. No doubt that this lady is extremely talented on stage and on screen. Her charming face has sported a lot of hairstyles from blunt bob to glamorous layered beach curls – and yes, we adore them.

Cute Mid-Length, Straight Bob

Selena Gomez Short Hair Styles

This is probably the shortest length Selena has ever rocked before she became famous. It’s a simple yet stylish hairstyle that’s perfect for summer. The side-parted locks are blown a little fluffy at the tips so they frame her face perfectly. Adding romantic waves to this hairstyle makes a great hairdo for a night out or a date. This cute hairstyle has an amazing effect of making the face look smaller.

Tousled Curly Bob

Selena Gomez Medium length Hairstyles Cute Wavy Hairstyle

Selena has also rocked a sassy mid-length wavy bob in many occasions. This hairstyle features candle stick curls on above-the-shoulder hair length. It flaunts soft texture and rounded volume that’s ideal for heart-shaped face.

Ombre Medium-length Edgy waves

Ombre Medium-length Edgy waves

This look flaunts smooth beach waves with a chic-edgy touch. The ombre hues add individuality, making this look “perfectly imperfect”. It’s trendy, classy and gorgeous. This hairstyle can be worn in both casual and formal occasions.

Lush Hollywood Curls

Lush Hollywood Curls Hairstyle

Of course, how can we miss Selena’s luscious tresses with polished curls? This look is oozing with glamour and sensuality. It can be achieved by creating an A-line asymmetric down do with sophisticated curls from mid-shaft to the tips. The buttery texture and luster, plus the caramel highlights through the tips add a modern twist to the usual “red carpet” refined look.

Wavy Loose Bun with side Bangs

Wavy Loose Bun with side Bangs Hairstyle

This classy, wavy loose bun is a great up do for formal occasions when you’re wearing a floor-length gown. The popular “messy hair trend” features intricate knots at the nape along with random streaks and wavy side bangs. It is suited for any face shape.

Long Locks with Elegant Layers

Long Locks with Elegant Layers Hairstyle

It is a simple layered cut with side-parted bangs on the forehead that subtly embraces the face. Her beautiful locks are swept to one side in the front which looks dainty and feminine. If you are looking for an easy DIY but super-chic and sophisticated hairstyle, this must be the rightest choice.

Selena has dominated the hearts of billions of fans all over the world. Get a Selena-inspired look by sporting the right hairstyle that’s perfect for any face shape.

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