Sexy Half Angel Half Devil Halloween Makeup Is So Next-Level


There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of Halloween makeup ideas 2017 and choosing the perfect look to go for is probably the hardest part.

But if you find yourself torn between two equally brilliant ideas, why not go for an even better two-faced Halloween makeup—the half angel half devil Halloween makeup?

Actually, this idea has been adapted and explored by many Halloween makeup artists on Instagram who are posting their own mash up makeup ideas. One of the most popular today is the half angel half devil Halloween makeup.

To know more about this trend, how to do it on yourself as well as tips and tricks for eye makeup, continue reading below!

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The Half Angel Half Devil Halloween Makeup

Cannot decide between being a pure, innocent angel or a red, fierce demon? There’s now a solution for your woes! The half angel and half devil Halloween makeup is one of the most popular Instagram Halloween makeup ideas today.

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It’s both stylish, cute, fierce, sexy and fit for any Halloween festival. There are two takes on doing the look:

  • Halloween eye art that features both an elegantly ethereal eye and a vampy, bold eye.
  • A full face makeup complete with prosthetic effects, contouring and highlights.

Here’s how to do Halloween eye makeup that is most talked about this year, and some tips to achieve it:

Two-sided Halloween eye Makeup by @ leslieaileen_

Leslie Aileen is a self-taught makeup artist in Instagram who is making her way into the spotlight with her daring and creative Halloween eye makeup ideas, especially for eye makeup.

She recently shared a video tutorial on how to do her devil eye, and thankfully, it’s simpler than it seems.

For The Devil Eye, You Will Need

  • Elf Cosmetics Liquid Liner in shade “Jet Black”.
  • NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liner in shade “Fire”.
  • Milani Cosmetics Matter Lip Creme in the shade “Striking”.
  • Lancome Drama Liquid Pencil in “Noir Intense”.

Then, once you have all you need, here’s what you should do:

Step 1. Dot your eyelid and crease with the matte lip creme and blend using a fluffy brush.

Step 2. Apply black eyeliner along the lash line, making sure that you can smudge it. Otherwise, you can also use a black eyeshadow. Blend this for a gradient effect. The darker black shade should blend well with the edge of the red pigment to create a distinct, dimensional look.

Step 3. Create a wing using a black liquid liner.

Step 4. Then, use a red liquid liner to draw a few curved lines intersecting the wing to resemble a rope wrapped around a rod. At the end of the wing, draw an arrow to emphasize the devil’s tail.

Step 5. Draw devil horns above your eyebrow using the same red liner.

Step 6. You can also use a red colored mascara or false eyelashes to finish the look. Just make sure to do an equivalent to the other eye.

And that’s it! As for the eye for the angel side, simply use gold eyeliner, white eyeliner, and some silver or white eyeshadow to fill the lids and create details such as wings or feathers. Finish with a tilted halo at one side.

Halloween makeup ideas - Half Angel Half Devil

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How To Achieve Half Devil Half Angel Halloween Makeup Look

If you have more time and are more committed to this look, you can also try this tutorial that involves makeup for the whole face and not just the eyes.

Here’s what you will need:

For Angel Side You Need:

  • MAYBELLINE| Pore Eraser.
  • Liquid Liner.
  • PIXI| Beauty Primer.
  • LOREAL| True Match Lumi.
  • ELF| Coral Blush.
  • TOO FACED| Chocolate Bronzer .
  • Glitter- NYX| Glitter.
  • Silver Eye Shadow- WET AND WILD| Spoiled Brat Palette.

For Devil Side You Need:

  • Latex.
  • Red Face Paint- MUFE| Flash Palette.
  • Red and Pink Eye Shadow.
  • Black Eye Shadow.
  • 1 Ply Tissues (you can get this by peeling tissues apart).
  • Fake Blood .

Then, Here Are The Steps

Step 1. Clean, prime, and moisturize your face really well to give a barrier between the latex and your skin.

Step 2. Using a nude eyeliner, draw a line to separate the two halves of your face. This doesn’t have to be very straight and equal at exactly the middle of your face.

Step 3. Take the liquid latex and apply it using a crummy brush over the line that you have just drawn.

Step 4. Rip small pieces of the single ply tissues and put these on top of the latex. Then, using a sponge, pat more liquid latex on the tissue. Repeat this until you get your preferred texture on your devil face. Avoid getting any latex onto your eyebrows as it can rip out the hair and you might end up with negative space eyebrows, another interesting eyebrows trend.

Step 5. As you wait for the latex to dry, you can proceed to start the angel side. Put some primer on your eyelid to help hold the eyeshadow. Then, use a silver or anything close to that shade to fill this eyelid up to the crease. Blend this with a nude color. You can also add some glitter primer by applying glue on top of the eyeshadow and then patting on the glitter. You can leave out the glue, but it will help prevent the glitter from falling out.

Step 6. Line your crease with a deeper brown, which Elizabeth gave as one of her highlighting tips to emphasize the glitter. Then, use eyeliner, preferably a liquid one, to draw a zigzag at the outer corner of your eye to make it look like an angel wing. Then, you can fill these in with glitter.

Step 7. Grab your favorite foundation and highlighter and apply and blend this all over the angel side of your face for a dewy look. Use highlighter under your eyes to conceal dark circles and maybe a touch of blue. You can also follow a few contouring face tricks for a slender cheekbone makeup Halloween look.

Step 8. If the latex is already dry, you can then cover it with some setting translucent powder and then the same foundation. You can also peel and lift some of the edges of the latex layer to look as if your skin is peeling. Feel free to play with it.

Step 9. If you don’t have time to use a FEG eyelash enhancer, you can pop on some false eyelashes and mascara. Also, beware of Fake eyelash enhancer sellers online.

Step 10. Use red face paint to cover the devil side of your face. Make sure to get an opaque color by applying several layers for an intense look. Use pink and black eyeshadow to contour and add details on this side. Blend thoroughly once you’re done.

Step 11. Apply black shadow on your eyelid on the devil’s side, extending it to a long cat eye to both the inner and outer eye corners.

Step 12. Apply some fake blood to finish the look, allowing some of it to drip a little for a more realistic effect. Make it appear as if the skin there is burnt. You can also use a red lip liner instead of red face paint to fill in your lips on the devil side to avoid drying and chapping.

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That’s it! All you need to do is pair this makeup look with matching half Halloween inspired hairstyles, and you’re good to go!

And you’re done! So what do you think of the half angel half devil Halloween makeup trend? Are you up for the challenge of trying it this coming Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below!

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