12 Spooky Halloween Beauty Mistakes you’re making and how to avoid Them


Since Halloween comes but only once in a year, many people, including me and probably you, too, tend to invest very much on their makeup and costume. Of course, you have to look absolutely perfect on All Hallow’s Eve, right?

However, more often than not, we make Halloween beauty mistakes that get documented for years to come. Follow through this article to find out which ones you could be making and how to avoid them!

12 Halloween Beauty Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


For a more memorable time this year, here are some helpful Halloween makeup do’s and don’ts:

1. Using Poster Paint:


If for example, you decide to go as a skeleton, a smurf, or Mystique from X-Men, I’m with you in choosing to paint your whole body following cheekbone makeup Halloween ideas for a complete effect. Don’t make the common mistake of using your stash of arts and crafts poster paint!

It will not only leave your skin very, very dry but it also tends to crack, harden and tighten your skin as it tugs on your hairs especially if you don’t use any setting powder.

This makes the removal process extra painful and complicated. Instead, opt for a spandex unitard or better yet, do it with body makeup or face paint used for contouring face.

Also, make sure to buy real and actual body makeup. Do not just go running to the drugstore and grabbing the first thing you see. Choose something that’s fairly inexpensive, safe, non-greasy, and easy to apply and remove.

2. Going For a Normcore Look:

In your attempt to be “in” and modern at the same time, you may have committed one of the biggest Halloween beauty mistakes. You have considered going for a normcore look at least once. But I don’t blame you- I mean, isn’t the combination of dad jeans, dollar-store crunchies, a little cheap mascara and a bit of lip gloss or the smudged lipstick trend just the easiest and most genius attire there ever was?

Surprise, surprise! It is not! In fact, it’s actually really boring and worse; nobody even gets it. If you don’t want to be labeled as a loser or a party pooper who never even bothered to dress up, you can go for a cheaper, more obvious costume.

There are many affordable and creative ideas out there and you just have to try a little harder.

normcore look

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3. Deciding to apply Tooth Wax:

Many popular Halloween costumes like zombies, pirates, and witches really make you want to get some tooth wax to hide your pearly whites for a fierce toothless ragged look.

But be warned: there’s a high risk of you munching on the wax and swallowing it up like any other Halloween candy treats.

Instead, just use a non-toxic, waterproof eyeliner, and some Vaseline to seal it properly. Of course, you can’t eat while this is on since this rubs off easily.

4. Dyeing Your Hair With Mascara Or Shoe Polish:

A common costume tip is that mascara works well in darkening or coloring beards, mustaches, and eyebrows. In fact, it works so well it can stain for days to follow, even long after you have gotten over your brilliant costume idea. You should also avoid using shoe polish as hair dye.

Temporary beard dye is much more preferable because it also works on eyebrows and washes out easily with shampoo.

5. Krazy Glue On The Face:

You may have seen people in the internet using and even recommending using Krazy Glue as a costume hack for attaching bald caps, ears, wigs, and mustaches. Do not fall into this trap because it is a horrible idea.

Not only can this burn your skin, but removal also takes a painstakingly long time. Instead, opt for adhesives that are safe for the skin and can be dissolved or removed using special removers like Pros-Aide or Spirit Gum. You can purchase these from most makeup shops, costume stores, or even online.

6. Using Spray-On Hair Dye Indoors:


Spray painting your hair with different colors is pretty common around the Halloween season. However, take note that spray-on hair dyes are literally paint and they do spray well.
So, if you don’t want your room walls or carpet to be the same color as your lovely locks, be sure to step outside when you use them on your head.

7. Teasing your hair the wrong way:

Sometimes, your Halloween inspired hairstyles to make more of a statement than any other aspect of your Halloween attire. But no matter how much you want to pull off that big poofy hairstyle, do not take teasing lightly!

If you don’t want the tangles to be permanent and brushing them off to be painful, be extra careful and mindful of teasing.

Make sure to tease your hair only at the portions closest to the roots instead of doing its entire length. Also, tease in small sections starting from the layers underneath and then working your way up to the surface. This way, you get the same hair volume with only half of the backcombing and headache.

8. Using too much glitter:

using too much glitter

Most of us believe that more is better, especially when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. So, in accordance with Halloween makeup ideas 2017, you decide to apply illuminator, highlighter, glitter lipstick, glitter eyeshadow, glitter eyeliner and shower yourself with glitter.

Then, before the night ends, you get a terrible itchy rash, and you soon realize that the stuff is probably never coming off. One of the best highlighting tips is to resist too much shimmer and glitter. There are many ways to stand out without suffering for it.

9. Forgetting To Use Waterproof Mascara:

Another common Halloween eye art mistake is forgetting to wear waterproof mascara. Most of us prefer mascara over a Feg eyelash enhancer. Not only because of rampant Fake eyelash enhancer products, but also for the convenience of mascara.

If you’re coming to a Halloween festival or party as a witch complete with thick, bold eyeliner and regular mascara, you may want to refrain from watching any videos of touching reunions or puppy rescues.

Otherwise, you might end up looking like a celebrity to be subjected for a mugshot in a weird witch costume. If you really must wear mascara, make sure to pick a non-smudge, waterproof one and that you know how to do Halloween eye makeup.

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10. Trying To Save Money By Buying The Cheapest Wig:

Because wigs are quite expensive, most of us are tempted to opt for the cheapest plastic wigs from Walgreens. But then, you cannot figure out how to put it on, you don’t even know which portion is supposed to be the front, and the hair texture is so off you cannot even work with it properly.

To save you from all of the frustration, choose a higher quality wig instead. Even if you have to pay a little extra, this will prevent wasting time and effort. Plus, you can use it again next year!

11. Rushed And Half-Minded Nail Polish Application:

Painting your own nails is already hard as it is. What more if you decide to do your Halloween nail art in the last minute? You end up with a messy mani with the nail polish everywhere but your actual nails.

So, allot a considerable time to paint your nails. Apply a base coat, a first polish coat, second coat, and a top coat, making sure to allow the first layer to completely dry before putting on the next.

12. Overestimating Your Eyeliner-Applying Prowess:

eyeliner-applying prowess

More often than not, Halloween eye makeup ideas require a considerable amount of eyeliner. You can probably draw a perfect, swooping winged liner on your one eye and feel like you can conquer the world. But then, you completely mess up on the other eye and end up looking like you have a black eye.

If you know you’re not very good at the job, just be resourceful on how you do it to save your time. For instance, you can use some tape to make a perfect eyeliner outline stencil, study tips and tricks for eye makeup application, or you can ask a more skillful friend to do it for you.

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All of us may be guilty of at least one of these Halloween beauty mistakes every year. Fortunately, our friends from the internet have learned from their own and everybody else’s mistakes to actually offer solutions and preventive measures against costume and makeup mishaps.

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