5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes to Create Using Black Liquid Liner


If you still haven’t figured out who you want to be on your next Halloween Party, below are five easy ideas that won’t cause you a cent. All you need is to make sure you got enough liquid eyeliner to play around with. So, bring your makeup stash in and start drawing!

1. Enchantress


Get into top model Cara Delevingne’s spooky Suicide Squad character by drawing huge, dark circles around your eyes. Use black eye gel liner to line your top and bottom eyelids. Draw a line that extends your eyebrows to your ears. Extend the bottom eyelids to meet your extended eyebrow lines on the corners. Deliberately smudge your eye liner. Use more black eyeliner pencil or onyx eye shadow to randomly darken your face. Use your black gel liner to draw chain tattoos on your neck, arms and hands.

2. Egyptian Goddess: If you’re good at winging those eyelids then, this next trick shouldn’t give you any problems. Start by giving your eyebrows thick, well-defined lines. Decide on whether you will wing your eyeliner with an extended triangle on the corners or, if you will rather double wing. If you choose to double wing, extend your top and bottom eye lines outwards without ever making these lines meet. On the inner corner, define teardrop eyes.

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3. Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

Print out an inspiration right off the web — think intricate lace patterns. Copy the pattern around your eyes using black eye pencil to sketch. Do not use your eye gel liner just yet. Once your pattern is complete, double up with an eye gel liner for a more permanent, crisper finish. To add more drama, bring in the gems and the stones. Put these on strategic points in your patterned design.

4. Hallow Skull: If you need a quick fix, this is probably the easiest trick to do out of the five options on this list. Simply draw large circles around both eyes. Fill in using your black eye gel liner. Next, outline a triangle on your nose then fill in with black liner to make the area appear hollow as in a skull. Then, extend your lips to the corners of both sides of your jaws. Color your lips pale. Lastly, draw vertical lines across your upper and lower lips. Draw vertical lines all the way to your jaws where your lip line ends.

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5. Bambi


If you’d rather be a prey than predator, try being a deer. Use your black eyeliner to define your eyebrows. Bring the each of the inner corners down to line the sides of the bridge of your nose. Fill in your nostrils. Use your eyeliner to line your top and bottom eyelids. Widen your eyes by extending your tear glands.


Halloween is all about fun indeed! Get into the Halloween spirit by wearing your eyeliner many ways – that you can’t always wear on any ordinary day, that is.

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