9 Makeup Artists Every Halloween Enthusiasts Must Follow on Instagram


It’s Fall and you know what the next big happening will be: Halloween! Any makeup enthusiast uses Halloween as an excuse to take their daily transformations into the most unforgettable interplay of reality and fantasy.

If you can’t wait to be the most photographed character in your next Halloween party, start following these 9 artists on Instagram for more inspiration.

1. @twistinbangs


This lady is a big time Halloween goddess! She makes horrifying faces that are perfect works of art. Take inspiration from her often colorful take on makeup, hair, body and nails. Among her most striking posts, however, will have to be her skeleton series which includes a black and white, hot pink and neon green rendering.

2. @kris.griff: From subtle hints of Halloween to a full body Lady Beast rendition, this makeup artist will take you anywhere from your fairy fantasies to your worst nightmares. If you can’t choose between good and evil, check out this account for some fresh ideas on how you can take your dress up to the next level.

3. @ahitsrosa:


Be the eye candy of the Halloween party with these inspiring ala Katy Perry music video looks that can be easily worn from costume party onto the streets. Wear the candy hair, candy colored winged eyelinersand long eyelashes.

4. @steamfaerie


If you want to be more fairy rather than gory, check out this account. Give Halloween a cute fantasy twist complete with colorful hairand pixie wings. Get a step-by-step guide on this user’s fancies on Youtube too.

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5. @dtoxart: Fulfil your fractal makeup fantasies, taking inspiration from this makeup artist. If you’re headed for a nighttime of Halloween partying, go check out her artistic looks made with neon face and body paints. If you want something more elemental, you will find it in this collection too.

6. @ellie35x


If you are looking for a sexier type of gore, crossover to the world of the unknown with the sometimes mystical but mostly frightening makeup inspirations from this user.

7. @sarahmcgbeauty: Go from a full body to a full face transformation or, if you prefer, just giving your lips a kick off for Halloween. Steal this user’s dramatic ideas that take two of this season’s trendiest styles — the metallics and sleek back, wet look hair to a whole new dimension.

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8. @kittygorewhore


Morph into the bad girl of Halloween in sultry, sexy takes inspired by this user. Be the ruthless girl from the beyond looking anywhere from the colorful, mysterious girl to a a scary and uncanny character.

9. @visage_saida: Take your Halloween character to life with full out makeup and full out costume. This artist will help you not only in applying your makeup but in accessorizing for the occasion as well.


Careful, Ladies! Your excellent makeup skills just might give somebody a heart attack!

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