7 Easy DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas to Pump Up Your Costumes


Get into the Halloween spirit! Whether you want to take your costume to a different level or, just wear a Halloween element on your usual, casual day wear, nail art is an outstanding way to incorporate the pumpkins, the webs, the skulls and all the other familiar (and even the not-so-familiar) elements of Halloween.

Start by gathering the basic things you will need: nail lacquers depending on your nail art theme, sharpies, slim and clean makeup brushes, slim sticks, and q-tips. Below are 7 top ideas for Halloween:

1. Orange, Black and White

Orange, Black and White

Enliven your nails with this season’s most cheerful color — orange! Use orange as your base coat. Make your nails Halloween themed and yet wholesome by painting white ghosts, black skulls, black pumpkin faces, and even white cobwebs. If you prefer, alternate your nails with striped or dotted nails that add posh and chicness to your nails.

2. Bloody Dark Nails: Use black as your base coat. Top with a dark red glitter lacquer. Use your black eyeliner to style up the skin around your fingers too for an even fuller Halloween effect.

3. Cute Monsters

Cute Monsters

You can always make up cutesy, tiny monsters on every nail of yours. Start with white or any pale nail color as your base coat. Imagination knows no limit on this one so use everything from lacquers to sharpies to create your little monsters.

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4. Eye Balls: Use black as your base coat. Using your slim brush, draw the white part of the eye ball randomly over each fingernail. Next, top a portion of the eyeball with a light blue or bright red lacquer. Then, top a portion of the light blue or bright red lacquer with black. Once dried, use your red sharpies to draw veins on the eyeball.

5. Black and White

Black and White

Do the same as in Item (1) above, except this time, use white or black as your base coat. Use the contrasting color to draw your Halloween elements on your nails. Don’t forget to top off with colorless nail polish.

6. Bloody Tips: How about blood on your fingertips? Not the real one of course! Use a colorless lacquer to coat your nails. Using your brush, pick up a thick volume of red lacquer. With your nails turned up, deposit a large volume of red lacquer over the tips of every nail and just let it drip unevenly.

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7. Black on Lime Green

Black on Lime Green

Use black as your base coat. Draw frankenstein or any Halloween elements on your nails using lime green. As an option, color your nails alternatingly with either black or lime as base coat. Use the contrasting color to draw your Halloween elements with.


Your nails provide a beautiful canvas to channel the spookiness and fun around Halloween time. All it takes is a lot of creativity and even more patience to get these nail styles on.

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