5 Best Halloween Treat Ideas That Will Make Your Party Unforgettable


Getting ready to host a Halloween themed party? Exciting! Rack up your neurons, get creative, and get your hands dirty. It’s time to plan that party and turn it into the most unforgettable themed party of all time.

To start off, there are some basic things you need to consider before you throw in your own wild ideas:

  • Guest profile. Are you throwing the party for adults, teenagers or little children? Be age appropriate in your theme or, everyone will turndown your invitation next time.
  • Number of guests. How many people are you expecting?
  • Space. There is only so much that you can do with any given space, small or huge.
  • Skills. Do you really have the party planner in you? Also, ask yourself what can you really do? In which areas will you need help — cooking, arranging, entertainment?
  • Budget. It isn’t a sky’s the limit party, is it? So be frank and know exactly how much you are willing to spend. Your budget must be broken down into venue (if you are renting), food, entertainment and decorations — with the proportion allocated in this order, from highest to lowest.

Here are five themes to get you started on your bright ideas so put on that party hat of yours and start jotting down:

1. Halloween Gore and Scare

Halloween Gore and Scare

If you’re still a big fan of scaring children or kinky adults playing vampires and witches then, this is the party theme you should be throwing. Might your guests be into the idea themselves? Be frank and adjust accordingly. Therefore, your food and theme should consist of blacks and oranges, cobwebs, spiders, witch’s broomsticks and a whole lot’a pumpkin.

2. Fantasy Land: One of the most challenging Halloween Party themes to throw are fantasy-themed parties. Your decorations will have to be magical to set the ambiance, and the easiest way to do that is by using a combination of lighting, glittered decors and play up of color. Think “Alice in Wonderland”.

3. Pokémon Go!

Pokemon Go

If you want a fresh idea, why not ride this craze? Halloween doesn’t have to be scary all the time but, it should be entertaining. Give your guests an outlet to show off their trainer skills. Come up with games around Pokémon Go inspired themes, and ask everyone to dress up in their favorite characters.

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4. Candy Crush: Love the game? Turn it into a party theme. It’s the season to be giving out sweet treats anyways, isn’t it? Set up the place with giant lollipops and blown up chocolate bars. Give your guests ideas to wear by looking up Katy Perry music videos.

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5. Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital

Still love it scary? Give your guests a nightmare by setting up your venue like a haunted hospital. Ask your guests to come as hospital staff and patients.


Like these ideas? Now, get to work! You have a party to host.

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