Hard Candy Product Line Reappearing at Walmart


Hard Candy is a trendy line of cosmetics that came out in the mid 90’s, and it has continued to grow in popularity ever since Alicia Silverstone talked about their first product, Sky nail polish, on the TV show, Late Night with David Letterman in 1995. However, they seem to have disappeared in the last little while. Maybe you have noticed that their website is under construction, and that you haven’t heard anything new about Hard Candy for a while now. Don’t worry; even though they seem to have dropped off the radar, they are not gone for good! There is a perfectly good reason as to why they are lying low for now.

It has just come out that Hard Candy has revamped their product line and has come out with 261 new or made over products that will be exclusively released in Walmart! Sephora is currently clearing out their Hard Candy inventory and will not be restocking the brand. Walmart really made a good move with this decision, because Hard Candy products are more known as a higher end line. With the economy as bad as it is however, a lot of higher end product buyers are now shopping at stores like Walmart to save some money. I guess Walmart is hoping to keep these kinds of shoppers by bringing the high end products to them.

Hard Candy is keeping some of the classics, such as the Fortune Teller Lip Gloss and the Eye Candy sliding compact, but they also have a lot of new products such as Walk the Line glitter eyeliner, Ginormous Lash volumizing mascara, Kal-eye-descope baked eye shadow duos, and much, much more.

Walmart is hoping to mainly target women between the ages of 18 to 35 – 40 years old with the new Hard Candy product line, and a spokesperson for Walmart says that the prices will be between $5 and $10, averaging around $7.

According to NuWorld Beauty, which is the developer of Hard Candy, the packaging and overall look of the products will not be changing. Hard Candy products will still look fun and edgy and will also still have the same brand presentation while on the shelves of Walmart. For those of you who think that Hard Candy will be completely different now that they are going to Walmart, you can rest a ease that your favorite brand of cosmetics isn’t changing one bit. (Except maybe the price!)

Some avid Walmart shoppers don’t want these kinds of changes to their favorite store, but the majority of the public is happy about the new product line. I’m not really sure why some people wouldn’t want Hard Candy to be available at Walmart (remember, these people don’t want it because they like Walmart, not Hard Candy!) but whatever their reasoning is, I am sure they will grow to love Hard Candy’s fun way of presenting cosmetics as much as I do!


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