These Beauty Products Can Be Hazardous to Your Health if Overused


With the unforgivable obsession of women and men these days over everything that has anything to do with beauty and good looks, it may be hard to imagine that can be such a thing as too much can be dangerous to your health. Believe it, it’s real.

Below is a list of 7 products which you should never overuse and would rather sacrifice your vanity for the sake of your health and safety:

1. Chemical-based Sunscreens

Chemical-based Sunscreens

Chemical sunscreen actives, Homosalate, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate have been found to mimic hormones which regulates many body processes. Other active ingredients, such as Octocrylene and Avobenzone, have been found to cause allergies and organ toxicity at varying levels. Choose to use mineral and botanical sunscreens instead.

2. Skincare Products With Retinols: It’s true, retinols are powerful aging skin busters but, they’re not for everyone. Retinols can be very irritating to skin besides, it shouldn’t be used on skin younger than 40 or where no signs of premature aging are prevalent. Stick with a non-retinol-based moisturizer meantime, and once you’re qualified, use retinol only for your evening routine.

3. Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Among the most toxic of all beauty products, nail lacquers are usually made with toluene, which causes organ toxicity and failure with prolonged use, and formaldehyde, a preservative which is a well-known carcinogen. If nails are your fetish, take time to look for brands that are labelled, “5 free”.

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4. Cosmetics: Avoiding heavy metals like lead, mercury and iron is another compelling reason why you should regularly go on no makeup days or, at least wear much less, all-natural-based makeup on most days. Save the heavy makeup for special occasions that call for it. Heavy metals can result to organ toxicity, neurotoxicity and even reproductive health problems due to repeated and prolonged use.

5. Skin Lightening Creams

Skin Lightening Creams

That includes spot correctors too. When these are made with either mercury or hydroquinone or both, it’s time to ditch your bottle and never use it again. Mercury is highly toxic while hyroquinone is a suspected carcinogenic. Hydroquinone, in fact, has been banned in many countries although not by the US Food and Drug Administration.

6. Permanent Hair Dyes: What nail lacquers are to your nails, hair dyes are to your hair and scalp — and more. The p-phenylenediamine content of hair dyes can be carcinogenic, cause allergies when salon attendees and clients come in contact with the product, and even cause permanent damage or alterations to cells. So, when you can ignore one or two grey hairs, just leave it be, and leave the coloring for occasions that call for a hair color refresh.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with going on a continuing quest for beauty. However, never leave your chances for staying safe and healthy all for the sake of becoming more beautiful. At the end of the day, it just simply isn’t worth it.

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