Amazing Harry Potter Makeup Brushes That Will Add Spunk to Your Vanity


Magic and beauty never sounded so thrilling until the magic folded in Harry Potter into the equation. Who would have thought that the fantasy book turned worldwide blockbuster film series, and now a sold out theater performance, can ever be found such practical use in current time?

If you still haven’t heard what they’ve turned out to become, you’ll love to know that five of the most popular wands in HP have just been turned into makeup brushes! See them first thing in the morning and carry them in your purse. Whatever you do with your look, you’ll always be assured that you’re in good company when you have these powerful wands on hand.

So what exactly is this latest beauty buzz all about?

These new magical additions to your beauty stash were created by StoryBook Cosmetics. The company is the brainchild of HP die-hard fans from Omaha, Nebraska — triplets, Erin, Mandy and Missy Maynard.

There are five makeup brushes in the collection which retails for US$ 55 per set. Hmmm, not bad for the mystical, magical experience you’re bound to get every time you use these brushes!

Each set consists of the following five brushes that take after the wands of your top 5 favorite HP characters:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wand

Harry’s wand was said to have been made of Holly, and has the feather of Albus Dumbledore’s phoenix in it. It is relatively tamed and noble, as has been described in HP. Use it for your powder-based eye shadows when putting on your cosmetics.

Ron Weasley: HP fans would know that Ron had three wands in the series. The first was a hand-me-down, the second was made with a hair of unicorn in it, and the third was the wand that belonged to the traitor, Peter Pettigrew. In this collection, his second wand, a blush brush, serves as the inspiration.

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Albus Dumbledore: The Elder Wand, believed to be the most powerful wand ever assembled. Naturally, it belonged to Dumbledore. Own it in this StoryBook Cosmetics makeup brush selection and use it as a pressed powder and loose powder blush.

Albus Dumbledore

Hermione Granger: The only lady wizard in the collection, had a dragon heartstring for a core. In this collection, it aptly serves as the angle brush for lining eyebrows and eye lines — the two most elusive beauty musts in any makeup routine.

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Lord Voldemort: Made with the same phoenix feather which Harry’s wand is made of, this wand is the wand that gave Harry the scar on his forehead. In this makeup brush collection, this wand serves as the concealer brush which makes everyone wonder if it can conceal Harry’s scar too, given the chance, that is.


The wand, it has been said, always chooses the wizard. Well, not this time. For once, you get to choose to own, not one but, all five wands! A tip-a-tap here and a light stroke there, you’ll be done with your cover up in no time.

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