Harry Potter Makeup Palettes is the Next Must Have in Your Makeup Kit


Netizens simply can’t seem to get enough of “Harry Potter”. With the growing popularity of the franchise, plus a newfound success on stage with “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, it’s only natural for muggles to want to live the wizarding world and make the magical experience come to life. What better way to do than but with makeup!

Imagine 4 palettes innovatively thought up to represent each of the 4 houses of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Okay, well, you really don’t need to go all the way back to zero because a Redditor has already done it for big time Harry Potter enthusiasts like yourself.

Here’s how the 4 palettes are envisioned: each packed according to each house, each having 6 shades representing each house, each including the distinguishing emblem of each house, and each palette comes with two quilted brushes.

Want to know more? Here’s how each palette plays out – if they were real:

1. Gryffindor


Courage, determination, chivalry and not giving up is what separates students in Gryffindor from the rest, that is, according to The Sorting Hat. No less than Harry’s own house consists of fiery red, nude, bold orange, gold, silver and shimmery copper, aptly called Fire, Courage, Nerve, Bravery, Daring and Chivalry, respectively. This must be the most well-balanced among all 4 imaginary palettes.

2. Slytherin: Harry’s arch rival, Draco Malfoy who served Lord Voldemort and murdered Albus Dumbledore, belonged to this dark house full of treachery. Cunning, treacherous and ambitious, students who belong to this house are from pure bloods, many have gone down in history for their notoriety. Naturally, this palette will be characterized by strange, mysterious and dark shades led by dark greens in varying shades of mattes and metallics.

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3. Ravenclaw


This house is famous for its members being intelligent, outspoken and even slightly eccentric. This palette therefore deserves a two daring shades of metallic blue, an ash and dark brown matte, and two shade of bronze. The shades are also aptly named Sapphire, Wisdom, Clever, Wit, Intelligence and Bronze.

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4. Hufflepuff: This house must be the most inclusive of all the school’s Houses. Putting aside intelligence, wit or steadfastness, Hufflepuffs are known for their fairness, patience and loyalty. This palette therefore aptly consists of Ethic in grey, Trust in neon green, Dedication in onyx, Charming in light bronze, Loyal in deep purple, and Kind in dark bronze.


Unfortunately, you can’t place your orders to get your hands on this palette anytime soon. It’s a bright idea and people have been all but welcoming to taking home these Harry Potter inspired shades. Perhaps the only missing link is an approval from its maker and author, J.K. Rowling. This wildly dreamt of palette, nevertheless, bridges the possibilities. Plus, the big buzz it is creating online, no matter how fictional, attest to its saleability. Until then, you can continue hoping for the real thing.

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