Hip, Quick and Simple Ways to Cut Calories


Something about calories

First of all, it’s funny how the term calorie is automatically associated with food. The proper order is to think of calorie first as a unit of energy or heat. One calorie is 4.184 joules and a gallon of gasoline is about 31 millions of calories. So, if by sheer insanity a person gulps a gallon of gasoline, there are already 31 millions of calories in his body enough to run a car for a few distance.

Ways to Cut Calories

The logic to this immediate correlation of food with calorie is that food, especially those rich in carbohydrates and fats, is converted to energy or calorie once ingested and processed in the body system. So, a slice of cake has calories equivalent to powering a 60 watts incandescent bulb for one and half hour or a 217 pound hamburger is synonymous to the fuel of a car running for 88 miles.

No time for dilly-dallying, you should act fast and think of quick and simple ways to cut calories, or else, you’ll be horrified to see your body parts like chin double up or have trouble zipping up your pants because of your protruding and expanding waist line.

Rid of them – but how?

Your mind is yelling the chant, “Go dash to the nearest gym! Burn that burger and fries! Hurry now! Go! Go! Go!” “And don’t forget to pass by your dietitian. He’ll tell you to stack up on greens and herbs, fruits, and fish.” Your eyes lit seeing the pharmacy store while walk-running to the gym. You think of supplements. L-carnitine? In fruit drink or in capsule? Now you’re in panic.

First of all, stop the panic. The more you get mixed-up with so many to-do lists, the more you’ll get to nothing. Relax and take deep breaths for a while. You can solve the problem of cutting calories the quick and simple way.

Eat wisely. Cutting up calories means you have to mind what you put in your mouth. Before your mind wanders elsewhere, take a tour into your own kitchen and look inside the cupboard and fridge. Certainly you know which are fattening foods. You are not to sweep them out drastically but gradually. Less sugar, less cake, less cookie, after all you still need the energy. Throw away those junk chips. It sure is hard but think of your body frame. Choose now between whimsical eating pleasures or a fit and hip you in skinny pants. As you ‘clean’ your kitchen with calorie-laden foods, recite the mantra that you want to stay fit. Avoiding these junk is a quick and simple way to cut calories.

Exercise is a surefire way to trim down and burn the calories. But you are cash strapped, on a tight budget so how in the world can you enroll in a gym? It is perfectly understandable that flexing your fat and muscles with a group motivates highly (especially the hunk trainers assisting you). However, you can exercise cost-free. Invite your kins and close friends in the neighborhood, don the running shoes and plug those iPhone earphones. Without you knowing it, you have already circled the whole city and have shed off may be a pail of perspiration with that jogging session. You cut calories the quick and simple way with much spending cash. You also gain friends.

When all the above measures fail, you may opt to go under the knife. You can try liposuction, thermage-something, and other modern, machine-assisted, surgical procedures to purge off the calories but they are not quick and simple ways to cut calories. They are costly, painful and still needs calorie-watching and exercise to remain unchanged.

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