Hormonal Acne Treatment: Effective Ways To Get Rid of Hormonal Acne


There are bad things that can happen to your skin and, just before you think it couldn’t get worse — it does get so bad that it not only pains you to see your bad skin but, it also hurts your ego. Nobody is automatically exempted, not even Katy Perry. She shares, “Bad skin really made me want to hide. I’d wear makeup to bed or stay in if I had a bad breakout.”

Zits And Your Hormones

Zits And Your Hormones

People think that it’s normal to suffer from acne in their teenage years but, more and more people are also getting an acne treatment well into their 30s and beyond. Something ain’t right, right? Most definitely, there is something wrong going on in your system and, as with any other type of acne, hormonal acne begins with irregularities in your hormone levels.

What is hormonal acne? It typically refers to acne that women get when they’re past puberty. Some of the characteristics of hormonal acne are listed below:

  • Physiologically, this is a painful type of acne, with an evidently large area of swollen skin around the infected pore which reddens and may or may not surface a head.
  • It takes at least a week or two for this kind of acne to manifest although you feel the whole time that there is something swollen brewing beneath the surface of your skin.
  • When a hormonal acne is ripe, it can dry out or, if you force the pus to come out, it usually oozes with blood in it.
  • Hormonal acne leaves a scar on your face whether or not you forcibly burst it, which will typically heal but, may take several months to completely fade out of your skin.
  • Whereas teenage acne normally grew on the t-zone, hormonal acne would often grow bumps on the cheeks, chin, and jawline.
  • The timing of acne manifestation would normally be around the time when you are about to get your period.
  • For some women, they experience hormonal acne around the time of onset of menopause, with some lasting until the last phase of menopause has been completed.
  • Some women experience hormonal acne when they discontinue hormone-related medications such as birth control pills.
  • When you notice acne build up during moments when you are under extreme or, chronic stress, that can also be considered as hormonal acne.

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Could It Be Your Diet That’s Causing Your Acne?

does diet cause hormonal acne?

The abnormal rise of male hormones in your system is one of the major causes of hormonal acne. These hormones over stimulate your oil glands causing your skin to produce excess sebum which clogs your pores and invites acne-causing bacteria to proliferate.

A growing number of evidence also point out that your diet and your breakouts could be related. Below are two studies that specifically sought to determine the relationship of acne with specific food groups.

The first is a study published in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition in 2007. The researchers recruited 43 male acne patients between 15 and 25 years old. The subjects were divided into 2 groups who were given 2 very specific diets which the subjects took for 12 straight weeks. One group was given a low-glycemic diet, and the other, a diet rich in carbs. Subjects who took a low glycemic diet experienced noticeable improvements in their acne which made the researchers conclude that nutrition can play a role in the proliferation or long-term treatment of acne. However, the study also recommended further research to isolate other contributing factors like weight loss in order to make a direct link between diet and acne.

The second is a 2005 study, details of which were taken from a 2009 review of evidence linking diet and acne published in the International Journal of Dermatology, which sought to find out the relationship between milk and acne. The researchers found a correlation between the prevalence of severe acne and increase of milk fat content. The researchers further reasoned that a hormonal acne diet consisting of milk may increase acne severity due to the presence of hormones in milk fat.

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When The Bumps Strike

It is now widely accepted that lifestyle plays a key role in treating your skin and in ridding your skin of hormonal acne for good. When hormonal acne symptoms strike, here are the top things that you can do to treat it:

1. Settle On An Acne Regimen That Works For Your Skin

acne regimen is what all you need to treat hormonal acne

Unfortunately, there is no one-shot-fits-all approach to heal acne. Neither is there just a single medication or remedy you can follow that will single-handedly become the hormonal acne treatment that rids your skin of acne for good. It takes a systemic approach that combines medication, sometimes both topical and oral, and a lifestyle change to clear your skin of acne once and for all.

2. Get The Most Out of Science

If you want to go the all-natural route, you are most welcome to do so but, you know you do have to do a rigorous research to stay on track. If taking meds or scheduling a clinical treatment procedure don’t bother you, you should find out what might suit your skin and acne skin issues best. Here are some treatment options for you to check out:

  • Topical creams and cleansers including the ones that contain benzoyl peroxide like Joesoef anti acne spot cream and salicylic acid ( present in Zerobelem) .
  • Topical antibiotics, most commonly erythromycin and clindamycin but, when you do take antibiotics, make sure to stay on your treatment protocol or soon, you may suffer from antibiotic-resistant acne bacteria which will be so much more difficult to treat.
  • Creams that combine both Vitamin A or any of its derivatives with antibiotic treatments, such as Epiduo or, Ziana.
  • Birth control pills, most commonly prescribed for hormonal acne, although a growing number of dermatologists are now refraining prescription of birth control pills.
  • Red Light and Blue Light Therapy to control the population of acne-causing bacteria while simultaneously healing and lightening scar marks caused by acne, which is also available as a handheld, DIY skincaredevice that you can easily operate at home.
  • Chemical peels to help rid your skin of the infected surface layer and allow a new layer of skin to grow in its place.

3. Get The Most Out of The Way You Live Your Life

You cannot expect flawless, acne-free skin and yet be unhealthy at the same time. When you have a healthy body, a healthy-looking skin automatically follows. Rather than asking how to get rid of hormonal acne therefore, you should instead be more concerned about how you can keep it off longer than just getting instant zit relief.

Listed below are Top 4 lifestyle changes that are in your best interest to adopt into your own which are guaranteed to complement your hormonal acne treatment strategy:

  • Start Eating Healthy

healthy diet can reduce the appearance of hormonal acne

To improve acne healing, you have to make major adjustments to your nutrition. Help your skin fight infections by improving your immune response, starting with getting more antioxidants in your system, most especially Vitamin C. Add more fiber and significantly improve your nutrition by juicing your fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, eat less dairy, fats, fried foods, processed foods, salt, and sweets.

  • Find a Workout That You Can Fall In Love With

The main reason why so many people can’t stay fit is because they don’t take the time to really determine what kind of physical activity interests them. Don’t be preoccupied with improving your skin or, losing weight when you workout instead, be in it for your overall health and well-being.

  • Sleep

sufficient sleep keeps you away from hormonal acne

Strengthen your skin’s resolve to heal and treat itself by sleeping at least 7 hours every night. Your skin doubles up its recovery every time you get sufficient rest and sleep.

  • Don’t Stress

Manage day-to-day stresses more capably. Do not allow negative emotions and perceptions get to your better self.

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You can’t keep focusing on how badly your skin appears with a hormonal acne breakout. You have to face the underlying causes — your lifestyle. It can be hard to admit and hard to break habits but, if it’s flawless skin you want, it’s the only way to beat bad skin.

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