How do Lip Plumper Products Work?


The experts say you should make peace with the way you look. While accepting yourself the way you are is a sign of good self-esteem, there is no reason you shouldn’t use cosmetic products to enhance your natural beauty. Lip plumpers can help anyone achieve fuller and suppler lips. Lip plumper products work to increase the size of lips, smooth out fine lines, and make lips look suppler and firmer. There are a variety of lip plumper products on the market. Before you make a purchase, however, it is a good idea to understand how lip plumper products work.

Lip plumper products make lips appear fuller in a couple of different ways. Lipsticks, lip balms, and lip glosses all contain ingredients that are designed to increase the amount of moisture in the lips. These lip plumper products accomplish this by stimulating blood flow to the lips using an irritant such as capsicum, mint, or camphor. Increased blood flow makes lips look poutier and stimulates their natural color. Lip plumper products of this kind may also contain emollients to hydrate the lips and seal in moisture, which also fills them out.

Another way lip plumper products increases the size of lips is by stimulating the production of collagen. Lip creams and primers may contain microscopic amounts of collagen that increases the size of lips when it is absorbed. Other lip plumper products may be formulated with peptides that stimulate production of the lips natural collagen. The main issue with these and the previous product is the effect is temporary. In order to maintain the results, you must use the product on a regular basis. Additionally, it can take time for the product to fully work. There are some lip plumper products that can take as long as 30 days before you will see results.

Lip plumper products that work faster and last longer do exist. However, you need to seek the assistance of a qualified medical professional because those products are injected directly into the lips. The most widely used lip plumper products of this type are dermal fillers like Restylane. The effect lasts for several months before the body begins to break down the biocompatible substance and absorb it. At that time, you would need to get a touch up. Before using any lip plumper products, do your research so you are aware of the benefits and risks of using each type.


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