How to Apply Liquid Highlighter Flawlessly: 5 ways to Get the Glow


Makeup, and the beauty industry in general has been criticized for its seemingly endless tide of “innovative” products designed to make women “more beautiful”. Well, even women have very different opinions about the subject. Some loathe makeup for making women feel inferior of their natural selves. On the contrary, some women think that makeup is empowering.

“I Heart Makeup”

Beyonce once said, “That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.” Highlighters are making our skin glow in previously unthinkable levels —ain’t that another reason to love makeup? However, not everyone gets liquid highlighters.

Here are top 5 mistakes people make when using liquid highlighters that you shouldn’t do when you apply one on your face:

1. Place The Liquid Highlighter Under Their Concealer

Place The Liquid Highlighter Under Their Concealer

Some people make the grave mistake of topping their liquid highlighter with a concealer. That will turn your highlighter dull so, what is the point of putting on liquid highlighter then? The proper sequence is: foundation-concealer-liquid highlighter.

2. Apply Liquid Highlighter All Over Their Faces

Apply Liquid Highlighter All Over Their Faces

Liquid highlighters and powder highlighters don’t work the same way. Liquid highlighters are there to help frame your face, not necessarily to highlight your best features. Have a set plan before applying your liquid highlighter. Choose the highest points of your face to set it: cheeks, eyebrows, forehead bridge of nose and chin.

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3. Applying Liquid Highlighter With Their Bare Hands

Applying Liquid Highlighter With Their Bare Hands

As with any other part of your makeup routine, you can’t possibly achieve great makeup without great tools to blend them in. Use a combination of medium brush and beauty sponge to set the liquid highlighter on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. For your eyebrows and bridge of the nose, use an angle brush.

4. Applying Liquid Highlighter Without Priming

Applying Liquid Highlighter Without Priming

A liquid highlighter can easily slip out of place. Use a concealer in the same shade as your foundation to line the areas where you plan to put your liquid highlighter. Doing so will help keep your highlighter in place.

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5. Neglecting to Set a Powder or Cream Highlighter on Top for Added Radiance

Neglecting to Set a Powder

Your liquid highlighter is often very subtle, creating a natural-like glow to make problematic areas of your skin appear brighter and younger. At the same time, it creates a flattering and appealing framing for your face.

However, it cannot give you a full glow-on look in the same way that a highlighter cream or powder can. If you are going for that kind of shimmer, don’t forget to use another product to top off your cover. Powder highlighter is made for your entire face but, you can use it to highlight specific areas only. Use the appropriate brush to apply.


Makeup can only be good as the technique that you are using. Make the most out of your beauty stash by knowing the proper way to use every weapon in your arsenal.

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