How to Brush Long Hair Properly


How to Brush Long Hair ProperlyBrushing long hair incorrectly can be very damaging. Did you know that as your hair becomes older, it becomes more delicate? This is the reason why it is very important to learn how to brush long hair properly. More than a healthier and stronger hair, brushing the hair properly can give your crowning glory the radiance and attractiveness you deserve.

Important Tips on Proper Hair Brushing

The most important tip on how to brush long hair properly is to be very careful. Some experts agree that brushing small areas from the bottom up is the best way to remove tangles without causing unnecessary breaking and damage. Working from the bottom allows you to remove the knots with less stress on the hair.

Separate your hair into sections and work on one at a time. The hair can be separated in two or more sections and brushed one section at a time. This will enable you to brush your hair equally and work on tangles one at a time. Another important tip on how to brush long hair properly is to do it when the hair is dry. Most women commit the mistake of brushing the hair when it is wet. This causes extra stress which often results to hair damage or breakage.

The type of brush is also very important when it comes to brushing long hair correctly. Purchase a good quality brush in order to ensure proper hair care and prevent unnecessary damage to the hair. The best known brush type for hair is the natural bristle brush type. Although a little more expensive, it is totally worth the money. This type is effective in pulling natural oils from the scalp to the end of the hair aside from causing less breakage.

For people with very dry hair, using a good conditioner can work wonders. This will moisturize the hair and make it healthier. It also helps reduce breakage and repair damage. However, it is important to use a high quality conditioner. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive hair product because there are many good hair conditioners in the market that are very affordable.

One last but important tip on how to brush long hair properly is to be patient. This is very important when it comes to removing tangles and knots. Most people lack patience so they just end up pulling and breaking lots of hair. For serious knots and tangles, special detangling conditioners are available.


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