Easy to Follow Tips to Tame and Care For Your Extremely Curly Hair


So you’ve been spending hours trying to make your hair follow what you want it to do. Then, you spend the rest of the day envying women with straightened out hair and wish you were born with another crown. But, then again, do you really have a choice?

Love ’em or hate ’em, extremely curly hair is part of your genes and the best way you can deal with those hair strands is to learn how to tame them. Below are 10 tips by which you can start better managing your hair — and, you don’t need to spend hard cash to get the results you need and want everyday!

Here are some things you should try to make you want to choose to have your hair for life:

1. Go on No Shampoo Days More Often

Go on No Shampoo Days More

Commercial shampoos are laden with ingredients that make your hair become drier and frizzier. These also often leave residues in your hair that make it even more unmanageable.

2. Minimize the Use of Hair Dryers, Flat Irons or Hot Rods: It’s understandable that you’d want to use heat to style your hair with. With heat, it takes you considerably less time and effort to tame your hair but, what you don’t immediately see is the long-term damage heat does to your hair.

3. Condition Your Hair to Detangle:

Condition Your Hair to Detangle

Find products that do not contain ingredients that can harm your hair. Better yet, stick to coconut oil or argan oil. You should also try milk and honey.

4. Deep Condition at least Once Every Week: Spoil your hair. To keep it tamed, you have to keep your locks hydrated.

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5. Comb Your Hair With a Large Toothed Comb

Large Toothed Comb

Most days, you shouldn’t comb at all! Never use brush on your extremely curly locks. It gets your hair’s natural curls out of their natural sectioning and waves. That means more frizz for you.

6. Walk around the House and Sleep with the Humidifier On: Yet another way to keep your hair moisturized is to keep the surrounding environment dewy.

7. Choose Hair Mousse to Style Your Hair With

Hair Mousse to Style

If you want more defined locks, use a mousse that brings out your hair’s natural volume. Use sparingly.

8. Keep a Hair Mist in Your Purse: De-frizz, texturize, re-style and volumize anywhere, any time of the day. Simply spray the mist several inches away from your hair then see and feel how it re-energizes your curly strands. It’s your perfect companion most especially for no shampoo days.

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9. Stop Touching Your Hair!
Your curls are beautiful, alright, and you got to learn to love them just as they are.

10. Use Carbonated Water to Wash Your Hair with, occasionally: Do this a few times in a month to strip off product residues from your curls which will keep it healthy, tangle-free better volumized.


Follow these 10 tips everyday and you’re never going to wish you had another person’s hair ever again.

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