How Can You Make Thin Lips Appear Fuller?


While it is true that every generation seems to have its own unique take on beauty and what features constitute beauty, full and luscious lips have pretty much always been in vogue. While it may seem somewhat shallow, to most men, full lips are a sign of sensuality, and stimulate thoughts of desire. Interestingly enough, however, there may be a scientific basis for this desire of men toward women with full lips. Scientific studies have shown that a woman’s fullness of lip and attractiveness of face indicate her fertility levels, and so on a basic level, this also indicates her desirability as a potential mate and child bearer.

How Can You Make Thin Lips Appear Fuller?

While few women who are using lip plumpers realize that they are involved in an age old battle to compete for male attraction, this is actually what is taking place. However, just because you have thin lips, you don’t need to give up the chase, because lip plumpers really can convert your thin lips to broad lips without you needing to resort to surgery or injections. Lip plumpers can help stimulate the blood flow to your lips and this will result in a temporary fullness of the lips. Depending on the product you use, this plumping effect can last a few minutes or a few hours before you will need to reapply.

In addition to using lip plumping products, there are other ways that you can enhance your features without going under the knife or resorting to scary injection procedures. For example, simple massage can increase the blood flow to your lips as well, and can also help smooth the collagen under the surface of your skin to create artificially fuller lips. Biting the lips is also an easy way to instantly put on more pout. In addition, you can use lipstick and lip gloss to create the illusion of fuller lips even if you don’t have any more volume.

While lip plumpers are a great way to add instant broadness to your mouth, they may not be for everyone. Instead, try using the old tricks of the trade and use light colored and glossy lipstick as this will illuminate the natural fullness of your mouth. Avoid using dark shades of lipstick as this creates an optical illusion of smaller lips instead. Also, remember that outlining your lips can help enhance the features and create the look of shadows from your full lips.


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