How to Have ‘Bee Stung’ Lips Naturally?


Women’s fashion trends come and go, and once again, those pouty and bee stung lips are back in vogue. This may cause some despair to those women who just don’t have those full lips, but thankfully, the cosmetics industry has really come up with some truly effective ways to create those bee stung lips without a visit to a cosmetic surgeon. Lip plumpers are essentially the latest miracle product on the market and the good news is that not only are they very affordable, they actually work.

How to Have 'Bee Stung' Lips Naturally?

If you are looking for a way to create bee stung lips, you need to understand how lip plumpers work. There are three essential types of lip plumpers: those that moisturize, those that irritate and those that add collagen. Each type has its own benefits and downfalls, so you may need to experiment a little before you find the right one for your new bee stung lips. The moisturizers will help enhance the natural softness and fullness of young lips and are a great way to keep your skin in good shapes overall. The irritating lip plumpers act by stimulating blood flow to the lips to keep them redder and fuller and these will usually last for several hours. The collagen lip plumpers may not offer the instant fullness of the irritant ones, but generally are best for long term results as they do replace lost collagen, and thus, may be able to permanently help with your appearance.

Get Bee Stung Lips Naturally

Regardless of the type of lip plumper you use, if you really want bee stung lips, you will need to use the product correctly. Most lip plumpers require you to carefully exfoliate the lip skin several hours before use. This will remove any dead skin cells that could act as a barrier against the effectiveness of the product and if you do it right, will also prevent you from experiencing excessive discomfort. Most women report that they have a mild stinging or burning sensation if they use a plumper too soon after exfoliating so use caution.

Bee stung lips are a beautiful way to enhance your natural lip shape and features. Thanks to the cosmetics industry, they are also fairly easy to get. There are many varieties on the market, and some of them work instantly while others are intended to bring about long term but gradual effects. Do your research so you can get the right product for you.


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