How To Do Soft Cut Crease Makeup For Kitty Cat Look With Smokey Eyes


Emma Stone confesses her love for daily makeup. “I do put on a little makeup every day because it helps me feel put together. Mascara is essential.” Makeup does make one feel however way she wants to. When you put your colors on, there is a certain kind of attitude that you’re going for. Sometimes you’re dainty, other times you’re feisty. What you wouldn’t want to end up with is an outrageous look. With smokey eyes, it’s easy to end up like that.

Smoke’s Out

One of the all-time, hardest looks to pull off are smokey eyes. It takes a lot of time and practice to get it done right — and, fast! So, if you like smokey eyes but find that the usually dark and heavy smoky eye is too much for the office or a casual day out, then a soft crease makeup that’s moderately smoked might do it for you.

We’ve put down a step-by-step process for you that will help you get done in 15 minutes (You’re Welcome!):

Step 1:

Treat your eyelids

Treat your eyelids. Always start with a good cleanse, toning and then moisturizing your skin. Use serum for your eyelids which should get the usually greasy feel of regular moisturizer out of the way. When it comes to getting perfect smokey eyes, this pointer is crucial.

Step 2
Line your eyelids with a concealer. Although smoky eyes is a technique that deliberately smudges colors on your eyelids and around it, you don’t want your pigments to slip or move too far off. A matte concealer can help you keep those eye colors in place.

Step 3:

black eyeliner

Put on your black eyeliner. Give your eyes definition. For a more easy going comfort feel, you can just line the top and leave the bottom lid clear for now.

Step 4:
Start with a nude brown eye shadow. Select a color that matches your foundation. What this step does is that it preps and softens the surface texture of your skin so that once you start adding your darker pigments, these can easily glide. Then later on, it also helps you better blend all of those colors you’re putting in. Line all the way to the crease.

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Step 5

Reddish Eyeshadow

Use a brown or brown reddish eyeshadow in the middle tone to color your crease. This will create a gradient that ties up your lighter and darker eye shadow tones later.

Step 6:
Apply a nude brown eye shadow to about three-fourths of your eye lid. Do not color the outer corner of your eyelid.

Step 7

darker tone

Pick up a darker tone of eyeshadow. Deposit at the corner and slowly work in through your crease. Add more product as desired. Once done, line your bottom eyeline with the same shade.

Step 8

Line your waterline with a highlighter pencil. This makes your eyes pop out and brighten up.

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Work on your eyelashes and eyebrows too. Have fun playing with your cosmetics!

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