How To Foster Healthy Romantic Relationships


Healthy Romantic Relationships

Jumping too rapidly into sex relationships

There is no universally agreed upon right time for partners to become intimate with one another or begin new sex relationships, however, if you have sex with a man before he has had an opportunity learn about who your really are, he is likely to lose interest and consider you as little more than a fling. Men need to invest in a woman and appreciate her non-physical attributes in order for him to value her enough to commit. Never be fearful about taking your time and making your man wait for a while. The rule concerning three dates is a lie when it comes to love and dating!

Opening up much too quickly

It is also a bad idea to open up immediately and start sharing tales of all of your childhood woes. While people want to rush the process of bonding, it is important to share information at a relatively moderate pace. Too much information or simply put, too much drama, may actually scare him away for good.

Emailing/texting/calling too frequently

We definitely live in an era of over-sharing, but it is important in budding relationships to always play it a bit cool. Most men prefer to be the one chasing in relationships rather than the other way around. When you continually call a man it can have a negative impact on his level of interest. Make sure to keep away from the computer, hang up the phone and let him track you down for once.

Invading his privacy

You might really want to browse through his phone when he isn’t looking, but this is the fastest way to sparking distrust in budding relationships.

Faking your climaxes

While faking orgasms in relationships might seem like a small thing, it is an act that can put both you and your partner at a disadvantage by making him think that he is pleasing you when he really isn’t. What will happen if you decide to marry him? Will you be re-enacting Meg Ryan’s famous faking scene forever?

Expecting or pressing him to change

As people age they become less prone to changing. This is especially true of man. Because of this, if there are a lot of things about a man that you do not like, it is probably best to hold out for another man.

Failing to take care of yourself

While a budding relationship definitely requires some time for nurturing it, when you sacrifice all of your time and energy and fail to meet your own personal and basic needs, you are making a huge mistake. Regardless of your relationship status, your needs should always come first.

Healthy Romantic Relationships


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