How to Get Plump Lips by Using Lip Plumping Products?


For those women who have always mourned the fact that they have thin lips, the latest lip plumpers may offer hope or an alternative to surgery. Before lip plumpers came along, the only way that women could enhance the fullness of their lips was by either creating the illusion of fatter lips with lipstick or with surgical intervention. Plumpers are an over the counter remedy that can actually make a big difference and can do so without the risks of surgery.

How to Get Plump Lips by Using Lip Plumping Products?Lip plumpers can come in different kinds and have different methods of working. The most common type of plumper will essentially irritate the surface of the lips to create more blood flow under the surface. The irritation is mild enough that it generally won’t cause any negative side effects and yet can actually dramatically increase the fullness of the lips by causing blood to flow to the lips and fatten them up. Many of these irritants found in lip plumpers are natural botanicals like cinnamon or even ginger root and so often do not have any negative side effects. However, avoid using these products excessively and if you do notice any boils, blisters or burns this means you might be having an allergic reaction so pay attention to your skin’s reaction to this type of product and use with care, especially in the beginning.

Some lip plumping products offer topical collagen replacement. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and fullness of your skin, and when you age, that collagen begins to diminish. Topical collagen lip plumpers can help replenish that lost collagen and so can fatten the lips and over time, may gradually and permanently enhance your lip fullness.

Remember that there are many different types of lip plumpers on the market and some are intended to be used as a primer or may need to be applied hours before for best effects. It is recommended that your lips are clean and exfoliated for best results, as this removes any debris or dead skin cells that may prevent the plumper from working to its full extent. Be sure to always read and follow the directions. Some plumpers need to be applied constantly while others may only require a 12 hour application. Be sure to investigate which plumper is which so you don’t use them improperly, as this could lead to excessive irritation or even unwanted side effects like rashes, blisters or discomfort.


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