How to Have Sexy and Pouty Lips

How to Have Sexy and Pouty Lips

The eyes and the lips are the most noticeable parts of a person. This is usually the first parts of the body that people look at. You can enhance your natural beauty by emphasizing your beautiful and expressive eyes. Beautiful eyes are oh so attractive and captivating! The same goes with lips. Give a great first impression with sexy and pouty lips. Just look at Liv Tyler and Marilyn Monroe. Both Hollywood superstars have amazing pouty and sexy lips that helped them become two of the biggest names in Hollywood.
There are several ways to achieve this much sought after physical trait. Some of the best ways are:

Correct Use of Lipstick and Lip Liner

There is a good trick when using a lip liner and lipstick to have pouty lips that attract attention.The first step is to use powder before putting on the lip liner. Learning how to properly apply a lip liner takes some practice.

The first rule of using a lip liner is that it should not be detectable by the naked eye. It must be lighter than the lipstick. The second step is to line it around the mouth. In order to have that pouty-lip look, know how to create a line that doesn’t necessarily outline your mouth. After making a line, use your fingers to smudge it so that it will not be visible. Then you can apply your lipstick. Remember, this is not easy and you may not achieve it the first time you try so be patient.

Peppermint or Cinnamon Leaf Oil Concentrate

This is the safest and most effective natural way to have plump and pouty lips. These substances enhance the blood circulating toward the lips in order to make them fuller. Listen, use a very small amount to avoid major irritation. Too much can also cause a painful or burning sensation. It is best to use any of these with lip balm or lip gloss in order to achieve a lower concentration and avoid serious irritation.

Use a Good Lip Plumper

A good lip plumper can work wonders and give you almost the same result as having surgery. Just make sure to research about effectiveness and safety before purchasing a lip plumper. Out of the hundreds of lip plumping products, there are only some that are really safe and effective. This is definitely a great way to get pouty lips without having any kind of surgical procedure.

Achieve sexy, beautiful lips without risky injections or surgery with these tricks!


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