5 Care Tips for Coat Lovers to Keep Their Coats Looking Brand New


It’s Fall, and it’s the best time to show off your layered outfits. One of the best ways you can stay stylish in this weather of all coverups and the next, Winter, is by putting on your fab and glam coats —cocoon coats, overcoats, blazers, trench coats and what not. If you’ve been dressing up for three or four seasons throughout the year for most of your life, you must understand how versatile coats are during the winter months, and these pieces often last you for years.

There are good ways and bad ways of treating your coats. Naturally, when you fail to take good care of these pieces, they age and look less stunning. Good news is, there are at least five tips you can try to help you maintain your coat in good, minty condition — good enough to last this season and the next, and the succeeding one after. Here’s how:

1. Make Sure that You are Wearing the Right Coat:

Wearing the Right Coat

Your best indicator is the weather. Coats are made of all sorts of material imaginable from wool to cotton to polyester to rayon and cashmere. The best kind of go-to coat you can get for all-weather wear are wool and wool-blended coats. These materials work perfectly well whether during the colder months or in spring. Plus, these materials are also easy to maintain and often machine or hand washable.

2. Care for Stain: When, for some unfortunate circumstance, you accidentally dripped food or wine on your coat, seek the help of a professional cleaner. They will know how to deal with it. Don’t DIY most especially if you haven’t tried a trick in mind before, even when you’ve seen the technique on YouTube.

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3. Store your Coats in a Cool, Dry Place:

Store your Coats

Since your coats are only practical to use for certain seasons, make sure to clean them or have them cleaned before you lock them away in your closet. Wrap your coats individually in breathable, eco-friendly fabrics rather in plastic to prevent molds from forming.

4. Never Use Detergent Soap for Your Coats: For your machine or hand washable coats, never ever use detergent soap. Use pure soaps or soft soaps only which will not rub or scratch against the material of your coat, and possibly even strip it off of color and fibers.

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5. Read Garment Care Instructions Completely and Thoroughly:

Read Garment Care

Follow washing and drying instructions down to the tee when your goal is to make your coat last for years. Detergents and machine wash are often not permissible, particularly for more luxurious coats like those made with cashmere. When it reads “dry clean” make sure to get it cleaned by your dry cleaner only.


Coats are a must-have for anybody. They don’t come cheap and it is in your best interest to give it the care it deserves, if only because these pieces keep you warm.

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