How to Look Festive This Christmas


Now that the Christmas season is in, you have more reason to experiment and look more festive. Round up your make-up kit and look for colors and shades that will make you look trendy and beautiful for the parties and events lined up this season. Here are some easy ways to look festive this Christmas targeting the main parts of your face.

The Eyes

How to Look Festive in this Christmas

This season you are licensed to do away with your daily neutral colors and opt for shimmering eye colors. Bring out your festive Christmas look by combining a few dark shades of gray with gold, purple and silver. Use these specks of shimmering color between your lids and avoid the brow bone. You can also soften the look up by using a beauty sponge.

You can also mimic Angelina Jolie’s signature eye look by putting eyeliner on the top of your lids. To achieve this look, you may opt for a liquid eyeliner rather than a pencil eyeliner. Apply a moderate amount of eyeliner into your lids, ending with a wing-like drawing.

The Cheeks

How to Look Festive in this Christmas

Don’t leave your cheeks untouched to look festive this Christmas. Use blush-ons that compliments your skin color. Mix up shades of light and dark blushes or layer them so you can create a contour. You may also use a little shimmer to further enhance your look.

The Lips

How to Look Festive in this Christmas
  • Red has always been a Christmas color, thus it should be in your beauty kit. Wearing red lipstick goes along with your shimmering eye color and rosy cheeks, making you stand out.
  • If you’re not so fond of red lipstick, you can try a yummy shade of chocolate flavor. Other color alternatives include peach, orange, and maroon.
  • To enhance your lip color more, put on a layer of lip gloss for that added Christmas glow.

Party-Ready Look

In order to look party-ready, you can wear your normal routine makeup during the day while at work. If you’re heading straight to a party after your office hours, put a layer of mascara or two on your lashes. Blacken your eyes a little more by applying some liquid eyeliner. Finally, add a touch of lipstick and you’ll look as if you’ve prepared for hours.


By putting on a few shimmering metallic colors; combining shades of light and dark and emphasizing the beauty of your eyes, you will stand out in the sea of colors.

You can never go wrong if you look festive this Christmas. In fact, your make-up should match up this season’s colorful environment. Don’t be afraid to spice up your beauty routine and take your look a whole new splendid level. Rest assured, your holidays will be more promising and enjoyable if you look glowing and radiant.


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