How to Look Glamorous at Christmas Parties with Smokey Eyes


You’ve got your calendar of holiday parties, bought dresses and shoes, and the only thing that puzzles you now is how to do your holiday makeup. Whether you’re rushing from one party to another, or going straight to one from work, you need a makeup that will not only make you look sultry and glamorous, but also easy to do.

How to Look Glamorous at Christmas Parties with Smokey Eyes

Makeup experts such as Daniel Sandlers who has been working with Hollywood A-listers believes that smokey eyes remains to be trendy for autumn and fall fashion shows for the year 2012. Whether you’re doing a light one for your daily work, or a heavier tone for parties, smokey eyes can give you a glamorous look especially if you do it properly. Now that Christmas is in the air and the parties are every where, it is a top choice for women who want to look laid back but still stand out.

How to do the Smokey Eyes

There are a variety of ways to do the smokey eyes, but they all follow one certain concept: applying a combination of black and grey undertones to your eyes. It is easy to do.
You only need the following:

  • Dark eye shadows
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
How to Look Glamorous at Christmas Parties with Smokey Eyes

First, you need to put on a primer. It is important to keep your makeup in place and not crease your eyes.

Lift your eyes by defining your brows. You can then start putting on the base eye shadow on the larger part of your eyelids. Makeup artists suggest using metallic bases this season, aside from your usual brown, black and gray options. You can begin by putting on the base at the center of your eye socket and carefully blend it upwards. Start with a little amount at first and you can add more later if you like.
Take your darker eye shadow and start applying them on the corners of your eyes. You can use a tissue to cover your eyes and prevent the dust from falling into your face.

You also have the option to apply some light eye shadows into your lower lash line for an added drama. Finally, put a two to three coats of mascara into your eyelashes.

The Good of Smokey Eyes

The reason why smokey eyes are in this season is because you can look glamorous with it in any dress you wear. You can look good with your little black dress, red or even sequined gown with it. Indeed, it is the kind of makeup you can never go wrong with this season.

If you really want to look good at Christmas parties, you need to master the kind of makeup you want to project. Smokey eyes is a good go-to type of makeup this season as it doesn’t require much color and time to do.


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