How to Maintain Long Distance Relationships?


Many people have the belief that long distance relationships never work. However, there are some relationship experts who oppose this view. The CEO of the world’s largest offline dating service, Paul A Falzone believes that it is possible to have a flourishing long distance relationship if both parties comprehend what is involved and work at communication.

Make use of the telephone

Natasha Grach has been with her current boyfriend for seven years. She says that for the first six months of their relationships, they were far from each other as they were college freshmen, with her boyfriend studying abroad in Russia. She goes on to explain that what kept them going is the fact that they talked a lot on the phone, sometimes for up to seven hours during one period. Grach recommends that when it comes to communicating with your partner over the phone, logistics (such as prices involved) should not be given a chance to get in the way. She says that this is among the most vital aspects that will make the long distance relationship flourish.
Another good suggestion that Grach gives is the use of a free web application such as VoxOx. This application combines Vonage, Google Voice, Skype and Digs by making communication with your significant other hassle free (with regards to finances)

Make the most of other communication modes

Other Communication Modes

These days, people have some many obligations and this makes communication with a loved one quite challenging. Falzone gives other options that can be used during times that getting each other over the phone prove difficult. He says that e-mails, instant messages and text messaging will do just fine. He goes on to say that it is heartwarming to get a loving text from a loved one when stuck in a meeting where you are miles away from him or her. He also points out that it is a good idea to put aside some time for connection every day.

Keep the fires of romance burning

Even though seeing each other on a daily basis is close to impossible, both parties should try their best to keep the love present. Falzone suggests doing tasks such as writing a love song, mailing a gift or ordering and getting lunch delivered to your loved one. Anything that can get the love going should be tried out. In such relationships, it is important to make your honey feel cherished.

Let the visits be even

Take some time off and visit each other. The visits should be even to avoid one partner feeling displeased with the visiting arrangements. One partner should not be left to feel like she or he is the only one making the effort in making the relationship work.

Avoid taking things personally

You live in different cities and chances are that your lives will be maintained in the cities you reside in. It will be good for the relationship if both parties were to remain flexible and understanding. If there is a change in plans, there is no need to make such a huge deal out of it. Make necessary adjustments in case of last minute cancellations.
These tips not only apply to long distance relationships, but also apply to love and dating as a whole. The two parties involved should both work at making the relationship successful.


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