How to Make Your Guy Feel Wanted


Make Your Guy Feel Wanted

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, you may start to take your partner for granted. Since you know that he will always be there for you when you get home and that he loves you, complacency can kick in, leading to relationship ruts. Make certain that you are showing your love that our appreciate him. Here are frisky, fun things you can do to show him that you care.

Start a Make-out Session

When did you and your boyfriend last make out? If you answered “recently”, then kudos to you! However, if it has been awhile since you last had quality “kissing time”, you should start a good ol’ make-out session with him. This way, he will see that you are still just as hot for him as the beginning of your relationship, and it will also reignite some passion and playful behavior.

Flirt Shamelessly

Often when you first meet someone, you show them you are attracted by flirting with them. Similar to a dance, it leads up to the moment when you finally connect. Flirting usually is forgotten when things develop into a serious relationship. It doesn’t have to, though. You can act as if you are picking your man up in a bar. Laugh at the things he says, subtly put your hand on his knee, lean in and talk intimately with him, and do any other thing that is likely to have him feeling as if he’s the luckiest guy in the bar.

Take Him Out

Pick out a new restaurant or a place that he’s been wanting to try, secure the reservation and have a date night. You don’t have to make it a particularly expensive or fancy night, the point is to have him feel like he’s being spoiled, especially if you pay for the whole thing.

Dedicate a Day to Him

Create a list of what your boyfriend loves to do, and try to fill your day with as many things off of the list as you possibly can. Purchase his favorite wine or beer, wear his favorite outfit of yours, cook a meal he loves, watch what TV shows he wants to, give him a massage and just generally make him realize that your goal that day is to make sure he’s happy.

Dedicate a Day to Him