How to Plump Lips without Risky Injections

How to Plump Lips without Risky Injections

Most women want to have plump and sexy lips especially because Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie has shown to the world the captivating beauty of having luscious lips. The problem is that most women are not genetically gifted to boast this very desirable trait. Here’s the good news though, there are a number of ways of how to plump lips.

The first option and the most luxurious at that, is to have regular injections. However, this is very painful and risky. Like most surgeries, there is a possibility of something going wrong. In some cases, the patient ends up disfigured or in a serious medical condition.

There are also other ways of how to plump lips without the injections. These ways are more advisable because of the minimal risk involved. Even some Hollywood celebrities are known to use these methods of how to plump lips. Let’s face the fact. The mere sight of needles is quite nerve-racking.

How to Make Your Lips plump without Surgery

Use a Good Lip Plumper

The first and most effective way is to use a good lip plumper. Just be extra-careful when choosing a product because there are many ineffective products in the market. In choosing a good lip plumper, take note of the product’s manufacturer. Is it reputable and how long has it been in the beauty business? There are a lot of product feedbacks available online so make it a habit to check if a product really works or not. A lip plumper is very safe and easy to use. This is why it is one of the most popular ways of plumping lips without injections.

Regular Lip Massage

Another way is to massage the lips regularly. This method has been around for decades and it was the most popular way to make lips plump before the invention of the lip plumper and injection. It’s very easy to do! Simply brush your lips after brushing your teeth about two to three times a day. Remember to use a very soft bristle in order to avoid serious irritation or minor wounds. This will exfoliate the lips and remove dead skin layers. Make sure to apply lip balm afterwards in order to prevent getting cracked lips.

Oil of Cinnamon Leaf

This works best when combined with regular lip massage. It is also an old way of how to plump lips before the modern methods. Oil of cinnamon leaf increases blood flow toward the lips making it fuller. Just don’t use too much in because this can cause a stinging sensation.

So why endure the risky injection when you can get plump, sexy lips naturally? See for yourself!


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