How to Plump Up Your Lips Making Them Fuller


how to plump up your lips making them fullerIt’s just mind-boggling why many women are willing to risk everything just to improve their appearance. This is probably the reason why “new” and “revolutionary” plastic surgery procedures are mushrooming in the name of beauty. As it seems, there is one for each body part— from breast implants to pubic hair implants. What? Yes, there is a specific surgical procedure for men and women who want to have more pubic hair.

One of the most popular parts of the body for surgery is the lips. This is because of the very popular plump and sexy lips look that is made popular by Hollywood celebrities. Here are some methods of how to plump up your lips making them fuller:

1. Lip Enhancement surgeries

There are two major types of lip enhancement surgery. The first one is the popular lip injection. The second one is having lip implants. The lip is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Just imagine sticking a needle and injecting some kind of liquid solution every now and then. This is the major disadvantage with injections, the pain aside from the risk for complications.

What more if the lips will be cut open and something will be inserted just to have fuller lips? It’s just unimaginable. However, because of the obsession of some people with beauty, these procedures exist. This method of how to plump up your lips making them fuller is also pretty expensive so only some people can afford spending thousands of dollars just to have fuller lips.

2. Lip Brushing

Lip brushing is the oldest method of how to plump up your lips making them fuller. This has probably been around for centuries. How it works is pretty easy too. You just have to brush your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush two to three times a day. This promotes blood flow to the lips and stimulates the lips to appear fuller and plumper. This method works better when combined with the use of niacin or concentrated oil of cinnamon leaf. These two substances are known to improve blood flow so when combined with lip brushing, the lips will appear a lot plumper than normal.

3. Lip Plumping Products

If you want to know how to plump up your lips making them fuller without injections, using a good lip plumper is one of the most effective ways. These products are very easy to use and are only to be applied topically just like an ordinary lip gloss. The most important thing is choosing the right product because there are lots of lip plumping products that are ineffective. Just do a little research on the most effective lip plumping products before purchasing.


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