How to Plump Your Lips like Angelina Jolie without Injections


Lips like Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie’s lips are known to be one of the sexiest in the world. It is one of the reasons why she became a Hollywood A-lister aside from her great acting skills. It is also the reason why she is recognized as one of the most beautiful people in the world. Her lips powerfully sway many women to look for their own “breakthroughs” in quest for equally plump, sexy and fuller lips.

Now you know why lip injections became very popular and sought-after by most women. However, not all women have thousands of dollars to shell out just to get an instantly mesmerizing pout. Besides, the risk involved with having lip injections is undeniable. With this in mind, other ways of how to plump your lips like Angelina Jolie without injections have been researched and are now available.

Here are some ways of how to plump your lips like Angelina Jolie without injections:

Brush Your Lips

This may sound a little weird but it is a great way to stimulate the lips and make them plump. This method works by mildly irritating the lips, making them swell and appear fuller. Use a toothbrush with very soft bristles to avoid serious irritation and scratching the lips. Do this at least two times a day. After brushing, use a towel to dry the lips and apply some lip balm to avoid dryness and cracking of the lips.

Lip Plumping Products

This is the best alternative for surgical procedures like injections. The results are almost the same as surgeries if a good product is used. The most important part of this method is finding good and effective products. Because of the huge number of lip plumping products available today, some low-quality and ineffective products are being offered. Check around for product feedback’s and independent reviews for the best and most effective lip plumping products in the market. This is the best way how to plump your lips like Angelina Jolie without injections as long as you use a good lip plumping product.

Oil of Cinnamon Leaf

This is one of the safest ways how to plump your lips like Angelina Jolie without injections. This natural substance increases blood flow to the lips. Just be careful and avoid using too much because it can cause pain and major irritation. Also, don’t apply oil of cinnamon leaf concentrate after lip brushing because this can cause a burning sensation. The best way to use this is to mix a very small amount with lip balm and apply the mixture to the lips. Some tingling sensation is normal but if the pain is unbearable, you probably used too much.

Clearly, it is not impossible to pucker up sexy and irresistible lips like the famous celebrities. You do not have to empty your bank account either. Follow these tips and see for yourself!


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