Helpful Tips to Stop Bloating of Stomach and Increase Your Metabolism


Constantly feeling full yet unable to move those bowels effectively enough to relieve you of bloating? Well, there are several quick and easy tips that you can follow to make you feel better that does not involve faking your flat tummy by wearing loose clothing.

Here are five ways to rid your stomach of bloating and speed up your metabolism:

1. Watch what you Eat

Watch what you eat

A bloated stomach can be a sign of an unhealthy diet. For starters, you’re probably chowing down too much harder-to-digest foods such as meat and artificial sweeteners and much less amounts of fiber-rich fresh fruits and vegetables.

To experience quick relief from a bloated stomach, blend together whatever combination of fruits or veggies or both that you can find in the fridge, but most ideally with citrus fruits in it. Sip and load up on fiber. Toss in a green and fruity salad with a vinaigrette or a zesty dressing. The acid in the dressing helps breakdown food stuck in your stomach and intestines.

2. Ditch the Soda and Alcoholic Drinks: Anything that contains carbon should be avoided, at least momentarily, while you allow your body to obtain relief from bloating. However, if you can kick out the sodas and alcohol and artificial sweeteners for good, it’s what’s best for your body.

3. Perform Intense Cardio Workouts

Perform Intense Cardio Workouts

In case you haven’t noticed before (probably because you haven’t been exercising), intense cardio workouts like running or swimming make you gassy. The improved circulation helps kick out the fizz of carbonated drinks from your system that is making you feel bloated, while it also jumpstarts improved metabolism to aid in digestion.

4. Drink Lukewarm Water with Celery Stalks Soaked in it

Lukewarm Water with the Juice of a Slice of Lemon

Make this your cup of tea for a couple of days. Celery has natural diuretic properties that help unload the unwanted contents of your stomach and generally helps detoxify your body so you can move and breathe more easily.

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5. Start your Breakfast Ritual with a Cup of Lukewarm Water with the Juice of a Slice of Lemon in it
So you’ve probably been warned not to take in acidic foods and liquids on first instance, that is, prior to taking in some heavier, starchier food or, it will hurt your stomach. Quite the contrary, starting your mornings with a cup of lukewarm water and lemon helps prepare your digestive system for the food that you’re about to chow down.

The juice of lemon supports your liver in producing the basic enzymes that help breakdown food, including excess salts and sugars. Lemon has other multiple benefits to boast off, including raising your immune response levels and flooding your system with antioxidants in the form of Vitamin C.


Chronic bloating can be a sign of more serious medical conditions. So, before you brush it aside as just another episode of hyperacidity, think again. You may need all the help you can get. However, when there’s no reason for worry, it’s your way of life that may need to be jazzed up.

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