How to Style Choker Necklaces With Your Outfits For an Elegant Look?


The runways of 2016 and 2017 were filled with them chokers. Every kind of chunky, handmade, large, dainty or ragged choker sashayed down the runways of no less than Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. Undoubtedly, there is one choker that will perfectly fit your outfit, whether you’re dressing up to wow the stars or for the comfort and familiarity of the streets.

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate a choker in your most loved, go-to outfits:

1. For your Power Play Office Suit Ensemble

Power Play Office Suit Ensemble

Some ladies want to keep it 80’s proper in the office – you know, about that time when black shoes and brown shoes were the must-have pair of closed pumps, and everybody who wore less than collared or sleeved tops were stared at. That’s perfectly fine. If that is your personality then, you can make do with a classic, thin choker necklace made with gold or silver or precious stones. However, if you’re really going for the oomph, and most especially if you’re working in a not-so-conservative industry like entertainment, you should go for chunky choker necklaces, metallic or not, with unusual designs.

2. For Your Evening Affair to Remember: Evening affairs are best suited with choker necklaces in precious stones but that can be expensive. If you don’t have one but still want to appear the epitome of sophistication, put on a choker made with lace or, one that is made with gold or silver but hung on a suede ribbon.

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3. For Your Date Night in a Little Black Dress

For Your Date Night

Put on a choker necklace in pearls, lace, or glittery stones and you’ll be channelling Audrey Hepburn. If you have more attitude, let it ooze out by using a chunky choker. If your LBD has a plunging or low neckline, you can even choose to wear a choker with a long pendant or, wear it together with another long necklace.

4. For your chic, sophisticated “I was born this way” attitude outfits:
Choker necklaces fit your flowy summer dresses and high-slit skirts too. Chokers are always best worn with plunging necklines still.

5. For Your Weekend Stroll in Your Denims:

For Your Weekend Stroll in Your Denims

Denim outfits go well even with your cowboy scarf on. For choker necklaces, these ragged outfits can also go with string chokers which you can tie on your neck. Let it loosely hang long all the way down to your waist for a dramatic effect or tie up into a ribbon on your neck. Chains, leathers and buckles are choker necklaces that will perfectly pair up with your denim and leather outfits.

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Contrary to what many believe, accessories are not only worn for just one purpose, but two. You wear accessories to accent your outfits but, you also allow your personality to extend to your accessories. Remember this when you wear a choker necklace. Make sure it isn’t overbearing for the person that you are inside or, you will certainly drown in it.

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